Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University inaugurates the newly built cultural experience room of its Confucius Institute

[Source]    Confucius Institutes of Bangor University [Time]    2014-10-20 18:09:45 

On the afternoon of August 26, 2014, Prof. John G. Hughes, Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University, and other distinguished guests arrived at the Confucius Institute to inaugurate the newly built cultural experience room – “Two Dragons Pavilion”. The room will be the main venue for celebrating the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institutes worldwide.

At the inauguration ceremony, Prof. John praised that the Confucius Institute, since its founding two years ago, had made outstanding achievements, established a good reputation, and carried out colorful cultural activities and Chinese language teaching. He added that the room provided a lively place for the cultural activities of the Confucius Institute, and thus would be conducive to their development. He then expressed his gratitude to Chinese Director Prof. Zhang Liying for her innovative low-carbon design of the room and wishes that the Confucius Institute would get better and better. Furthermore, he gave Prof. Zhang a present on behalf of the University – a red dragon woodcarving standing for Wales.

Prof. John G. Hughes, Vice-Chancellor of Bangor University, inaugurating the cultural experience room (photo collage)

Ms. Jin Xi, a teacher from the Institute, performing Peking Opera

Moot Court Competition held in the cultural experience room during the Summer Camp of the Law School

When Prof. John removed the red curtain and opened the antique window, the “Two Dragons Sign” was shown inside the frame of the window. The red dragon on the left represents China, while the one on the right stands for Wales of the UK. The sign, designed by Chinese Director Prof. Zhang Liying, symbolizes the two-way communication between Chinese and Welsh cultures. The English name of the room “Two Dragons Pavilion” was given by Executive Director Mr. David. Volunteer teacher Yu Meng translated it into Chinese “Shuang Long Ge”, an accurate translation of the English name. At the inauguration ceremony, Ms. Jin Xi, a teacher from the Confucius Institute, performed the Peking Opera Mu Guiying Takes Command.

To save money, Prof. Zhang, who learned oil painting for ten years, led several Welsh students to complete the wall painting of “Two Dragons Pavilion”. To advocate the low-carbon concept of the University, Prof. Zhang painted the blue door which did not match the style of the room into a Chinese traditional door in Qing Dynasty style, the platform into a guanxiang of Qing Dynasty (a wooden case for valuable things), and the scrap paper boxes into tea tables and stools. The newly built cultural experience room “Two Dragons Pavilion” is antique, low carbon and environmental friendly.

The establishment of the “Two Dragons Pavilion” gives the local students a true taste of Chinese culture. It is said that in less than one month during the summer vacation, the room has already received over 50 students who came far away from Scotland to participate in the Open Day, and hosted moot courts, lectures and seminars on laws, tea ceremonies and small conferences, which are very popular among participants.


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