Confucius Institutes worldwide celebrate ‘Confucius Institute Day’

[Source]    CCTV [Time]    2014-10-16 17:34:46 


On September 27, the Confucius Institute Headquarters and Confucius Institutes all around the globe held various activities to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of Confucius Institutes and the first ever ‘Confucius Institute Day’. In Beijing, the Confucius Institute Headquarters hosted the first ‘Open Day’ and organized different kinds of activities. In the demonstration class, every person got the chance to be a Confucius Institute Chinese language teacher, teaching Chinese to students at different language levels and ages. Cultural lectures such as one on ‘Chinese and Western paintings’, as well as traditional Chinese cultural activities like clay figurine making, paper-cutting and Chinese operas, also attracted a great number of foreigners.

This morning local time, the Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington launched its ‘Confucius Institute Day’ activities with the local traditional sunrise ceremony on the shore of the Oriental Bay, Wellington, capital of New Zealand. The Māori, facing the sun and singing a song of praise, embraced a brand new day. Neil Quigley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor at Victoria University of Wellington, said to the reporters, “We take pride in our Confucius Institute, and we really hope that this special way of celebration can make it stand out.”

Besides, the Confucius Institutes in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Kenya also held related activities, such as photo exhibitions, art performances, interactive activities concerning traditional Chinese culture, etc. The UK, the US and Brazil would host ‘Confucius Institute Day’ activities on September 27 local time too.

Since 2004 when the first Confucius Institute was established, 465 Confucius Institutes and 713 Confucius Classrooms in elementary and secondary schools have been opened in 123 countries and regions worldwide, with over a million registered students. In the past ten years, China has sent a total of around 50 thousand Chinese language teachers and volunteers to different countries to aid Chinese language teaching. Due to the influence and the leading role of Confucius Institutes, the number of people studying Chinese language on a global scale has risen from less than 30 million to the current 100 million.


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