University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute at Boston holds training program for Chinese language teachers

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Boston [Time]    2014-09-16 13:28:53 

On August 25th, 2014, University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute at Boston held a training program with rich content for Chinese language teachers in Boston and nearby regions. A total of over 60 Chinese language teachers from primary schools, high schools and Chinese schools in states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York participated in this program. Also, the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute at Valparaiso University and the director assistant of the Confucius Institute at the University of Rhode Island attended this program as observers.

Participants listening to the lecture attentively


During the program, based on the actual situation of Chinese language teaching in local communities, several course instructors offered their own points of view on the issue of instructional design for the new school year from different perspectives.

In Ms. Gao Jian’s lecture titled “Get the New School Year Off to a Good Start”, she offered her suggestions on making preparations before the new semester and designing teaching content and setting rhythm for the first day and the first month. She explained that a good beginning was half the success through her humorous language and the unique rhythm teaching. Then, Gao Jie, a teacher with great passion, expounded the use of multimedia teaching methods in different stages of teaching. Next, Ms. Nancy Yang and Ms. Chen Lijia, by presenting various concrete examples, gave a thorough analysis on the influence of student population structure and its diversification on teaching. They also explained the classroom management concepts and several effective classroom management methods which are commonly adopted in mainstream schools in the US. Then, in Ms. Zhang Hua’s lecture, she analyzed the paradigm shift in Chinese courses from a professional perspective and focused on introducing the course design framework and backward design model for Chinese teaching and the propeller-type training of students’ skills. Finally, Ms. Wang Shuhong introduced various Chinese teaching resources developed by Hanban, Chinese as A Second Language Press, and the Open University of China to all teachers at this training program.

During the program, the participants were also divided into three groups, primary school group, junior middle school group and high school group, and held thorough discussions on the planning and implementation of Chinese teaching at different levels. The participants all expressed that with rich content, specific and targeted advice and strong applicability, this training program was of great benefit in planning and conducting their teaching in the new school year.

As introduced by Ms. Sun Baifeng, Director of the Institute, it always remains an important mission for the Confucius Institute to provide career development opportunities for Chinese language teachers so as to improve the overall quality of Chinese teaching. University of Massachusetts Confucius Institute at Boston is making constant efforts to standardize its teacher training programs and is cultivating various types of such programs of different levels to address different needs of Chinese language teachers.

By Liu Chengyun