China-Germany Youth Concert jointly held by Confucius Institute Nürnberg at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg and Nürnberg’s International Relations Department

[Source]    Confucius Institute Nürnberg [Time]    2014-08-19 12:55:41 

On August 3, 2014, amid the 39th International Arts Festival in Nürnberg, the China-Germany Youth Concert jointly planned by the Confucius Institute Nürnberg at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg and Nürnberg’s International Relations Department was held in the Holy Spirit Hall of Nürnberg’s International Relations Department. Teenagers from Nürnberg’s sister city Shenzhen and young musicians from the College of Music Nürnberg presented the audience with a wonderful audio-visual feast that integrated Chinese and Western cultures. Over 200 people attended the concert, including Dr. Anja Prölß-Kammerer, Councilor of Nürnberg; Prof. Huang Chongling, Education Consul of the Chinese Consulate-General in Munich; Prof. Chen Hangzhu, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute Nürnberg; Ms. Birchner, Head of the Office of China Affairs at Nürnberg’s International Relations Department; and Ms. Heike Hahn, a well-known photographer.

Under the conduction of Prof. Guido Johannes Rumstadt, a professor at the College of Music Nürnberg and Chief Conductor of Nürnberg Opera House, the melodious Chinese folk song Jasmine Flower marked the beginning of the concert. Then, the band composed of both Chinese and German young musicians performed the exciting song Pirates of the Caribbean.

After the opening performance, Councilor Dr. Anja Prölß-Kammerer was the first to give a speech. On behalf of the Mayor, she spoke highly of the exchanges and cooperation between Nürnberg and Shenzhen in such fields as economy and culture, and praised the great contributions the Institute had made to the promotion of friendly exchanges between the two cities. Then Consul Huang Chongling in his speech applauded the bilateral friendly exchanges and the Institute’s contributions. Director Chen Hangzhu extended thanks to all the musicians and audiences present, briefly introduced the Confucius Institute Nürnberg, and pledged that the Institute would continue to promote the friendly exchanges between China and Franken.

Jazz performance

Guzheng (a traditional Chinese instrument) performance

After the speeches, young musicians from Shenzhen performed a pipa (Chinese lute) solo, a piano solo, and a guzheng ensemble. Although they were very young, their exquisite skills and the beautiful melodies they played won warm applause from the audience. What followed were wonderful performances given by young German musicians. The soothing guitar and flute duet and the hot Latin jazz pushed the concert to a climax. The audience couldn’t help but dance to the beat of the music. The concert ended with a passionate Western masterpiece of music.

The China-Germany Youth Concert has become one of the traditional programs of friendly exchanges between Nürnberg and Shenzhen. The transnational musical performances have promoted the exchanges and integration of different cultures, and enhanced the mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries.

By Wei Huan