170 prospective directors of Confucius Institutes trained in Chongqing to be dispatched to over 60 countries to take office

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CHONGQING, July 14, 2014 (China News) --- On July 14, the 2014 pre-service training for Chinese directors of Confucius Institutes was conducted at Chongqing Normal University. 170 trainees from all over the country attended the opening ceremony. After the training, qualified trainees will be dispatched to 118 Confucius Institutes in over 60 countries to take up their office as Chinese directors.

It is said that this training was sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and organized by Chongqing Normal University. 170 trainees from 101 colleges and universities such as Peking University, Fudan University and Sichuan University would receive a one-month intensive training. Apart from the introduction to the services provided by Confucius Institutes, the training also includes traditional Chinese cultural skills such as martial arts, Chinese chess, and tea ceremony lectures.

The person in charge of National Base for International Promotion of Chinese Language at Chongqing Normal University said that, Chinese directors, as core managers of Confucius Institutes, have played an important role in helping various countries develop Chinese language teaching and promoting cultural exchanges between China and other countries. This training, focusing on two main themes – how to promote the sustainable development of Confucius Institutes and how to enhance their influences, will clearly define the responsibilities of the Chinese directors, make them familiar with the Chinese language teaching management and the planning of Chinese culture promotion activities, and comprehensively improve their leadership, cross-cultural communication and execution.

Mr. Wang Yongli, Deputy Chief Executive of Confucius Institute Headquarters and Deputy Director General of Hanban, remarked that Confucius Institutes are not universities in the usual sense. In addition to Chinese language teaching, they also undertake the tasks of promoting Chinese language and spreading Chinese culture, thus being bridges for cultural and educational exchanges between China and foreign countries. These prospective directors participating in this training will become high qualified and compound talents who master both the languages of the target countries and the methodologies for teaching Chinese as a second language. They will serve as “unofficial ambassadors” for spreading Chinese culture and enhancing the friendship between China and foreign countries.

It is known that since the inauguration of China’s first overseas Confucius Institute in Seoul, South Korea in 2004, Confucius Institutes, as carriers of international Chinese language education, have sprung up all over the world. By the end of 2013, 440 Confucius Institutes and 646 Confucius Classrooms had been set up in 120 countries and regions worldwide, with a total of 850,000 registered students.

By Liu Xianglin


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