Confucius Institute in Alsace, France, holds activities on Chinese characters and calligraphy at Saint-Jean School

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Alsace [Time]    2014-08-01 10:37:44 

Recently, on invitation of Saint-Jean School (École Saint-Jean) in Strasbourg, the Confucius Institute in Alsace (France) held a series of activities at this school to showcase Chinese characters and calligraphy, which provided a great opportunity for the students to appreciate and experience the art of them.

On June 6th, led by Ms. Zhao Zonghong, Chinese Director of the Institute, the teaching staff of the Institute came to the kindergarten of the Saint-Jean School to offer a lesson to the children there so that they could experience the art of Chinese characters and calligraphy. Engaging the children in a game on Chinese characters, the teachers explained the major features of the Chinese language and the evolution of Chinese characters through their interaction in the game and vivid picture illustrations. Also, the teachers demonstrated “the four treasures of the study”, namely, brush pen, ink, paper and ink stone, and explained how to hold a pen correctly in Chinese calligraphy, which helped to reveal many mysteries of the art of calligraphy. As soon as the explanations were over, the children were all very eager to start to take a brush pen and try writing Chinese characters.

Children having fun in the word-guessing game

A child enjoying learning Chinese characters through a talking pen

Children greatly excited in showing their Chinese names

On June 20th, the Confucius Institute in Alsace was also invited to participate in the annual Open Day of the primary school of Saint-Jean School. During the event, the Institute demonstrated Chinese calligraphy to the students and asked them to get hands-on experience. Many students were greatly intrigued and waited in a line to try writing Chinese characters with a brush pen.

A girl student excited in writing Chinese characters

Students engaged in practicing Chinese calligraphy

On June 24th, the Confucius Institute in Alsace was invited for the third time to the kindergarten of Saint-Jean School to organize an activity for the children there to experience Chinese characters and calligraphy.

Students listening attentively to the explanation of the art of calligraphy

An early education of Chinese characters and calligraphy to children can stimulate their curiosity and imagination, help improve their hand-brain coordination, as well as their ability in memorizing images. Meanwhile, it can cultivate children’s interest in Chinese culture and strengthen their understanding and tolerance of cultures of other countries.

This series of activities helped arouse the interest in Chinese culture among many French children and their parents and served as a successful platform to publicize the Chinese language courses and Chinese art courses of the Confucius Institute to more people in France.