First Chinese Language Teaching Achievement Contest Held by Volunteer Life in Mongolia

[Source]    Volunteer Life for volunteers in Mongolia [Time]    2014-07-28 14:53:01 

ULAANBAATOR, May 18--The First Chinese Language Teaching Achievement Contest, sponsored by the Division of Volunteer Affairs of Hanban and organized by Volunteer Life for volunteers in Mongolia, came to an end in the conference hall of Chinggis Khaan Hotel in Mongolia. Nineteen primary, secondary, and tertiary schools in Ulaanbaatar that offers Chinese language courses participated in this contest.

School heads visiting the Teaching Achievement Exhibition

This contest drew high attention from leaders of Mongolia’s Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (MECS), as well as those of primary, secondary and tertiary schools in Ulaanbaatar. Guests who attended the event include MECS officials Mr. Tulga, Director of the Preschool Education Department of MECS and Mr. Gardi, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, and over twenty university and school leaders. Judges of this contest were Ms. Chogjilmma, Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Mongolian State University of Education, Suren, a Chinese language teacher from the Defense University of Mongolia, Yao Xuan and Chen Yanling, expert teachers funded by Chinese government, and Lin Yubao, Dahubaiyin and Zhang Shuqiang, supervisory teachers from Volunteer Life.

Students from No. 105 Middle School writing ancient Chinese poems from memory

Before the contest, Mr. Tulga, accompanied by Mr. Lin Yubao, visited the Teaching Achievement Exhibition of Volunteer Chinese Teachers, which includes teaching plans, teaching aids, and homework of students. He said: “It is very difficult for foreigners to write Chinese characters. Behind the beautiful Chinese characters written by students are hard work and sweat of countless Volunteer Chinese Teachers. We can see from the Teaching Achievement Exhibition of Volunteer Chinese Teachers that the supervisory teachers from Volunteer Life have done a very good job in supervision.”

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