Executive Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors opens

[Source]    Xiamen University [Time]    2014-07-24 11:05:10 

XIAMEN, July 14--Forty Confucius Institute foreign directors from 21 countries arrived at Xiamen University to attend the ten-day Executive Workshop for Confucius Institute Directors. This is the third time Xiamen University has organized the workshop since 2010 when it held the first one.

During the workshop, all the directors would hold discussions over mid- and long-term development plans for Confucius Institutes and new moves to continuously improve teaching quality. Also, they would share the institute-running experience and explore possible solutions to the problems encountered in the operation and management of Confucius Institutes, thus strengthening the communication, cooperation and information-sharing among Confucius Institutes all over the world. Many prominent scholars and experts would give lectures at the workshop, including Michael Kahn-Ackerman, Sidney A. McPhee, Wang Luolin, Zhou Mingwei, Wu Wei and Zhang Weiwei. Besides, the directors would visit some cultural sites, experience the magic of traditional Chinese medicine and have a bite of traditional Chinese food.

As a non-profit educational institution created to provide Chinese language courses and promote Chinese culture overseas, the first Confucius Institute was set up in 2004. Over the past ten years, Confucius Institutes have experienced rapid development. Up to now, 450 Confucius Institutes and over 660 Confucius Classrooms have been established in 122 countries. Platforms for cultural exchanges between China and other countries, they also serve as a window for foreigners to learn about Chinese language and culture and a bridge of friendship and cooperation that bonds the Chinese people and other peoples. One of the universities that establish the most Confucius Institutes, Xiamen University has opened 15 Confucius Institutes and 40 Confucius Classrooms in 12 countries so far. In 2008, the Southern Base for International Promotion of Chinese was built by Confucius Institute Headquarters at Xiamen University to promote Chinese language and culture internationally.


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