New probe on Chinese language teaching:the animated images with texte ——Confucius Institute of Artois held the 7th teacher training

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Artois [Time]    2014-07-09 10:37:29 

Created by Confucius Institute of Artois, the program of teacher training for Confucius Institutes in Europe has already been held 6 times till now. 3rd to 5th July 2014, the 7th teacher training was proceeded with schedule. The academic director, General Inspector of Chinese language teaching division of French Ministry of Education, JoëlBellassen hosted the training and the trainer from Academy of Strasbourg, Julie ROQUEJEOFFRE gave the course. 6 directors, 28teachers and Masters, from 14 Confucius Institutes in Finland, Denmark, Swede, Latvia, Hungry, UK and France, 2 universities and 1 middle school participated in the training.

Training by Professor Joël BELLASSEN

University of Artois took much attention to this project,which was founded in 2008. President Francis MARCOIN, the Vice President, Pasquale MAMMONE,Commissioner of Intercultural Activities, University of Artois and French Director of Confucius Institute of Artois, JIN Siyan and the Administrative Director of International Relationship division of UA, Georgeta BREABAN and attended the opening ceremony. Professor Francis MARCOIN gave a welcomespeech to the directors the teachers from faraway places, introducing specially the history of the 18-year-old cooperation between University of Artois and Nanjing University, the significance of this training program for Confucius Institutes in Europe by ICUA on graduate education of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language and the cooperation of training policy of Chinese language teachers.


The theme of this training is the application of image in Chinese language teaching. Conducting the graphic or animated images, images with texte or without texte and authentic or didactic language materials, in his training, Professor Bellassen discussed with the teachers on some elements which should be taken into consideration in the teaching course: the teaching method and object by using these images, emphasizing the significance of the centered teaching object, designing the questions according to the language level of the students, extending the time of oral expression by students as much as possible. He pointed that the factor of Chinese characters should not be ignored and one or two characters per class could be better than many words in one class, because many students marched into Chinese world for Chinese characters. Furthermore, for culture teaching, he suggested explicating the cultural elements by the native language of the students because the introduction of culture was instinct with the learning motive, which is in accordance with the idea of Hanban. In the end, Professor Bellassen displayed some images of street signal and some videos of oral expression. Professor Bellassen paid much attention to the sensitive consciousness of questioning and the teaching experience and insight of the teachers.

Training by Julie Roquejeoffre

Combining with the theme, by the aide of teaching case and the image materials such as Lao Fu Zi, and new mobile phones, the trainer Ms Julie Roquejeoffre carried out the effective interaction on the images running through the teaching course. By some concrete teaching course, she illustrated how to forming the ability of listenting comprehension and cognitive ability of culture, etc. by means of these images.

President Francis MARCOIN conferred the certificate 

The last day, Director JIN Siyan and her Confucius team companied all the teachers visiting Museum of Louvre in the famous football city—Lens. On the way to Louvre, MsJIN introduced some knowledge about Chinese characters : according to a new works by the French sinologist Léon VANDERMEERSCH, Two Rationalities in Chinese Idea—Divination and Signification, we could probe into the scientificity(the four stages of its scientific experience),abstractness, phonography(the percentage of pictophonetic characters in Chinese and the character-creation features)of Chinese character from the point of view of the difference among the cuneiform, Egyptian writings and the unique “Classical Chinese” ideogram.

The training content and the service was thought highly by all the teachers like before.This training center will continue with this program of 3 times per year and construct a transcultural platform of Chinese language teaching, on which the real problems could be discussed.

Photo & edition/ WEI Wenke, LIU Man