【Teaching Material Resources】Guidelines for CLT Materials Development

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Guidelines for CLT Materials Development, sponsored byConfucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), is a comprehensive and practical online applicable platform. Over the period of three years, it has gathered hundreds of experts from China and overseas import Classified Annotation methods in the field of technology, who, by means of grand data and digital processing techniques, have successfully unified the latest research achievements, richest Chinese teaching resources, most authentic curriculum standards, most intelligent development tools, and most quantified textbook evaluation systems.

Crossing borders between students and teachers; anyone may create individualized textbooks.

5A convenience to compile a textbook: Any one, Any time, Any where, Any level, and Any topic.

Curriculum, textbook and test standards are scientifically connected.


CLT Material Composition

After systematically analyzing more than 5000 commonly used Chinese teaching textbooks, Guidelines for CLT Materials Development extracts 515 language applicable contexts, with annotations for about 60 million characters, words, grammar points, cultural points, and exercises. In addition, the Guidelines scientifically classify the contained materials according to the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education and the HSK level standard system. Users need only select teaching targets, levels, topics, and some other indicators, and the system will automatically generate the appropriate lesson plans, textbooks and supplementary teaching materials.

The Guidelines for CLT Materials Development platform has a function which instantly catches hot topics from network media and transforms them into textbook materials, to realize the synchronization of teaching contents and current events.

CLT Material Analysis and Evaluation

According to the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education and Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus, the Guidelines platform first sets up 16 textbook evaluation parameters and indicators, which can be used to analyze and evaluate self-composed lesson plans, textbooks or published textbooks.

website: www.cltguides.com


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