Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University, Israel, enters the community and launches Chinese cultural experience activities

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University [Time]    2014-06-11 15:36:23 

On April 9, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Confucius Institutes, the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University entered the communities and launched Chinese cultural experience activities. Zhang Kaibin, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in the State of Israel attended the event and encouraged the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University and its volunteers to make persistent efforts in contributing to the friendly relationship between China and Israel.

Early in the morning, the venue was decorated with cultural goods which are full of Chinese elements. The booth was fully displayed with Chinese traditional artworks prepared by the volunteers such as Chinese calligraphy and paintings, Peking opera facial makeups, kites, Chinese paper-cuts, Chinese knots, Chinese lanterns and Kongming locks as well as the elementary Chinese language course materials for kids. The Israelis, who are big fans of Chinese culture, surrounded the booth in a moment. Volunteers Wu Di and Chen Ping taught them Chinese paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy. Wang Hanbo taught simple everyday Chinese expressions and did investigation among Israeli participants on their needs of Chinese language and Chinese culture. He also answered the questions they concerned. The atmosphere of the event was lively. What’s more, the lovely Israeli kids played the Chinese waist drums in order to express their love for Chinese culture.

The Israeli visitors became interested in Chinese culture and Chinese language learning. They asked the CI staff the information about the Chinese language courses and cultural lectures and hoped that the CI could launch more activities of this kind.

Li Zhenshi, Director of the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University said that “The key to sound relations between states lies in amity between the people.” During the president of Israel’s visit to China, the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University launched the Chinese culture experience activities and hoped that the fruitful high-level interactions between China and Israel could be fully leveraged in promoting the mutual understanding and cultural exchanges of the peoples in both countries as well as deepening the friendship between China and Israel.

By Wang Hanbo