“The Crossroads of Civilizations” cultural activity held by the Confucius Institute at Venice University comes to a successful conclusion

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Venice University [Time]    2014-06-11 15:32:36 

On 2nd-5th April 2014, the Ca' Foscari University of Venice (UNIVE) and the academic, education and cultural departments of Venice co-organized the annual brand program of cultural exchange called “Crossroads of Civilizations”, taking Venice, especially the UNIVE as the exchange platform to the world famous writers as well as the citizens of Venice and teachers and students from the UNIVE. Same as the past four years, the Confucius Institute at Venice University this year has actively participated in the activity, and closely incorporated the cultural activity of the Confucius Institute with UNIVE and Venice, the world renowned historic and cultural city at the “Crossroads of Civilizations”.

This year the “Crossroads of Civilizations” series has invited 23 well-known contemporary novelists, poets, journalists, columnists and visual storytellers from China, Italy and Romania. These guests have been invited to exchange events held respectively in six venues at UNIVE and received warm responses from the audience. As a noted scholastic Chinese novelist of the modern time, Ge Fei was invited to the event this time. He is a Chinese avant-garde literature writer, professor at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tsinghua University, teaching courses like writing, novel narratology and Ingmar Bergman and European films. His works have been translated into more than ten foreign languages.

Marco Ceresa, Italian Director of the Confucius Institute at Venice University hosting the conversation with the Chinese writer Ge Fei

The opening ceremony of the “Crossroads of civilizations” series

The theme of the conversation was about Ge Fei’s works and the influence of Chinese and western cultures. During the talk, Ge Fei focused on how he writes with Chinese characteristics, getting rid of the restriction of West-centric view. He remarked that Chinese classical novels are the true starting point of his contemporary novel creations. Ge Fei excels at depicting the “reality” with “enchantment”. He aims at responding to and promoting the traditional Chinese culture in his own way.

The conversation held by the Confucius Institute at Venice University has helped the Venetians and the teachers and students of UNIVE know more about China as the cultural giant, and remind them of Confucius Institutes when they talk about Chinese cultural activities.

Text by Gui Qin

Photo by Gui Qin and Ding Jie