The inauguration ceremony of the Confucius Institute at De Montfort University, UK

[Source]    Confucius Institute at De Montfort University [Time]    2014-06-08 15:22:36 

On March 19, 2014, the grand inauguration ceremony of the Confucius Institute at De Montfort University jointly established by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) and De Montfort University in the UK was held at De Montfort University. Mr. Shen Yang, Minister Counsellor for Education at the Chinese Embassy in the UK was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony and celebrated the establishment of the Institute with Dominic Shellard, Chancellor of De Montfort University (DMU), Luo Weidong, Chancellor of University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), MarjulaSoo, Assistant Mayor of Leicester, the delegation from USTB, teachers and students from DMU as well as people from the culture, education, business and news circles in Leicester.

Signing the Letter of Intent

In the inauguration ceremony, Chancellor Shellard of DMU, Luo Weidong, Chancellor of BSTB, and Mr. Shen Yang, Minister Counsellor for Education delivered speeches respectively.

Chancellor Shellard expressed that the Confucius Institute has provided an interactive platform for the language and culture experience in DMU and played an important role in helping students and staff in DMU achieve a global future. Through the cooperation with BSTU, DMU will provide domestic and overseas students with communication and exchange opportunities in innovative technology and establish a unique model for the Confucius Institute combining the characteristics of UK and China.

Mr. Luo Weidong claimed, the Confucius Institute will adopt a new model, which is not just the traditional mode of promoting culture and language, but also achieves breakthroughs in academic aspects and culture through innovative technology, offering a personalized future for students. Students from BSTU and DMU will go to each other’s university for exchange. With the closer relationship with the two countries, the two universities will have better cooperation and development.

Mr. Shen Yang congratulated on the establishment of the Confucius Institute. He expressed that the Confucius Institute jointly established by BSTU and DMU will play an important role in the economic development of Leicester as well as education and culture communication and cooperation between China and the UK.

Professor Dominic Shellard, the Chancellor of DMU, and Mr. Luo Weidong, Chancellor of BSTU jointly inaugurated the Confucius Institute. Mr. Shen Yang, Minister Counsellor for Education, Professor Collop, Vice Chancellor of DMU, and Professor Wilson, Vice Chancellor of DMU witnessed the ceremony.

Inauguration of the Confucius Institute at De Montfort University

The Confucius Institute, jointly established by DMU, Hanban under Ministry of Education of PRC, BSTU and Hong Kong Sunwah Group will be located in the newly established Sunwah Creative and Cultural Center on DMU campus, which will be the fifth Sunwah Culture Center after Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and China.

In the afternoon, the two universities held the first board meeting of the Confucius Institute, which summarized the preparations, teaching and promotion of culture activities in the past few months and discussed the work plan of the Confucius Institute this year as well as the medium- and long-term strategic plan of development. The two parties jointly signed letters of intent on the dual degree cooperation agreement of five majors, the joint Master and PhD programs as well as the visiting teachers programs.

Lion Dance after the inauguration ceremony


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