Confucius Institute of Betong Municipality successfully holds the 2014 Summer Camp closing ceremony and competition of achievement exhibition

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Betong Municipality [Time]    2014-06-06 14:36:36 

On April 2, the 8th 10-day “Happy Chinese Summer Camp” organized by the Confucius Institute of Betong Municipality drew to a successful close in the multifunctional hall of Confucius Institute of Betong Municipality. More than 160 people attended the closing ceremony and competition of summer camp Chinese-learning achievement exhibition, including Mr. Somyod Lertlamyong, Mayor of Betong Municipality, Li Liyun, board representative of the Confucius Institute of Betong Municipality, Liu Liying, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, local Chinese language teachers, volunteer Chinese language teachers, college student teaching assistants, students and their parents.

The closing ceremony was hosted by Liu Liying, Director of the Confucius Institute, and the mayor of Betong Municipality, Mr. Somyod Lertlamyong gave a closing speech. The Mayor spoke highly of the success of the Chinese Summer Camp and emphasized that it is the objective of Chinese Summer Camp as well as the mission of every Chinese teacher to help each child get to know Chinese and learn Chinese well. Learning by playing is the best way. Li Liyun, the board member, and Murong Qiang, a local Chinese language teacher also delivered speeches. Volunteer teachers, teaching assistants, parents and students shared their experiences in the summer camp.

The closing ceremony included the exhibition and competition of the works and achievements of the students, art performances and sharing of teachers’ experiences. In the art performance, the fourth grade sang a song If You Love Me, Just Hug Me, whereas the fifth and sixth grade recited a poem Farewells on Grassland. The junior and senior middle school students performed The Quatrain of Seven Steps by Cao Zhi in the form of a sketch. After the performance, parents all commented that their children had made great progress in Chinese language learning during the summer camp, in which games, singing and dancing had greatly inspired their kids’ interests in learning Chinese.

Art performance by junior and senior middle school students

Afterwards, the interesting achievement exhibition and competition of the “Happy Chinese Summer Camp” built up to the climax of the closing ceremony. Teachers, teaching assistants and students have carefully decorated their study achievements in the past 10 days and pasted them on the boards. The decoration efforts vitalized students’ works and helped their dreams of learning Chinese fly higher and further. Here you can find paper cutting pieces, self-made masks, calligraphy pieces and Chinese knots. The exhibition board of each class is filled with the students and teachers’ enthusiasm of Chinese and the summer camp. After having carefully appreciated the achievement exhibition of each class, guests, teachers, parents and students evaluated them by a secret ballot and selected the first, second and third awards.

The local teacher introducing the exhibition board of the first grade

Director Liu presenting awards to the winning grade in the competition of achievement exhibition

After the closing ceremony, the little campers still held the teachers’ hands and were reluctant to leave, hoping that they could continue to study in the Confucius Institute. The parents also said that their kids became more active and happier after learning Chinese in the Confucius Institute. They hoped that “Happy Chinese Summer Camp” can become a happy paradise to convey Chinese culture to teenagers in Thailand.

Group photo in the closing ceremony

By Sun Ruilu