Confucius Classroom at Vistula University in Warsaw, Poland Holds Chinese Culture Activities

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Vistula University [Time]    2014-05-08 10:25:19 

On the morning of March 24, 2014, hundreds of pupils from Jana Pawla Ⅱ Public School, Wazy District, Warsaw, all dressed in red, with paper-made lotus leaves on their heads, were sitting in the school gymnasium before a banner reading “Dzien Chinski (China Day)”, concentrated on the presentations given by Chinese teachers in front of them.

Sofia Doktorska, Headmaster of Jana Pawla Ⅱ Public School, spoke highly of Chinese culture for its greatness and profundity and laid emphasis on the significance of learning Chinese in her address. She then said, “Welcome our friends from China. The kids are looking forward to your presentations.” Li Li, Secretary of Cultural Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Poland, also made a speech. He told the children humorously, “I assure you that Chinese culture will be fun.”

When the cultural activities began, Mr. Li Qikun presented a set of Beijing Opera costumes and stage properties and demonstrated Chinese Beijing Opera to the children. The children came close curiously, rushed to touch those stage properties, creating a lively atmosphere. Mr. Li also invited a tall boy from the group to the stage and be his model, and carefully helped him get dressed in the Beijing Opera costume.

Happy pupils

Mr. Li Qikun presenting Beijing Opera costumes

Volunteer Lin Yu gave a lecture on the topic of “Chinese characters: pictographic characters”, bringing the children into a strange but fascinating world of Chinese characters. All of them listened attentively. Teachers also invited the children to have a cup of “Tie Guanyin”, a type of Chinese tea. After the first round, many children were eager to have one more cup, and not satisfied until they got the second one.

The demonstration of Chinese calligraphy given by Mr. Li and Mr. Wang Mingyu was also well received by the teachers and students of the school. They queued up to have their names translated into Chinese and written down on Xuan paper by the Chinese teachers. Both teachers and students were very delighted to have a piece of paper with their own Chinese names on.

Mr. Wang Mingyu writing Chinese names for the children

Mr. Li Li from Cultural Affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Poland with children

When the presentations were completed, a local Chinese restaurant offered delicious Chinese food to the children. Headmaster Sofia Doktorska said, “Chinese culture is amazingly great! I’m going to have our students learn Chinese language!”