PC students gave Taichi Performance on World Taichi and Qigong Day

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College [Time]    2014-05-06 15:29:42 

April 26th is the World Taichi and Qigong Day. Every year different Taichi organizations hold this event, this year one partner of Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College, Greenville Chinese Culture Association held this event.

Dr.Kejian Jin with her Taichi students, Maddie Taghon and Nicholas Smith, gave a Taichi Performance on World Taichi and Qigong Day. This is the fourth year of Taichi class which is one of the most popular physical education credit courses among PC students. Now it is the end of the semester, Taichi students already finished learning all the movements of 24 forms. They are not only able to do all the moves but also can say out the 24 forms in Chinese. “Giving a performance is required in the syllabus”, Dr Kejian Jin said, she wants to give students a chance to present themselves and also to encourage them learn more about Taichi from others.

A lot of Taichi practitioners from Greenville attended this event, most of the attendants are American residents, their age ranges from university students to 70 years old senior people. Some of them went to China before and learned Taichi from Chinese people and they introduce and teach Taichi to local American residents after they came back to America. Taichi is a healthy and scientific exercise, every part of your body can be exercised and it does need a lot of energy to complete it. Master Tian’s Kongfu Fan, lion dancing, Qigong performances also attracted lots of local people. Hope this event can help more people know more about the advantages of Taichi and Qigong. Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College will keep close contact with local Taichi practitioners and help promote this Chinese physical exercise.

By Li Bin