The East meeting the West-- Chinese Culture Promotion at the Local Medieval Fair

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Oklahoma [Time]    2014-05-06 10:58:04 

Among over 200 booths at the Medieval Fair held from April 4—6 this year, visitors could easily see a distinguishable booth -- the Booth of OU Confucius Institute. Approaching the booth, you could see various kinds of Chinese artifacts: Beijing Opera mask, Chinese zodiac stamps, panda headbands, Chinese paper-cuts, Four Treasures of the study caught visitors’ eyes; Red Chinese Knots and Cheongsam (known as Qipao) were beautifully displayed. At 11 am, Medieval Fair parade started, a huge Chinese dragon played by OU Confucius Institute Dragon Dance Team became the most eye catching spot. Visitors now and then joined the team and took photos with “the Dragon”. During the event, OUCI invited a number of performing teams featured with Chinese styles, Guzheng, Taiji, Yoyo, Chinese painting demonstration, etc.

Dragon boy

Dragon show

Luo Shanshan is playing Guzheng

Norman Medieval Fair festival started in 1977 and it was the third cultural festival in Oklahoma State and one of the most influential cultural events in the United States. It provides the best opportunities for educational activities, art performances, artifacts display, food tasting and entertainment. This is the third time for OUCI to join the fair, which, as it did before, enabled the public to know and experience the Chinese culture.