Confucius Institute of Valencia University Held the Sixth "Chinese Bridge" successfully

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Valencia University [Time]    2014-04-21 10:37:30 

At 17:00 pm in April 12, the Confucius Institute of Valencia University hosted the Sixth "Chinese Bridge" Competition at the auditorium of Valencia University. Before starting, competitors, teachers, parents and audience all entered in the hall.

There were two groups in this competition which were the college students and the high school students and there were three parts which were the free-speech, quiz and Chinese talent show.

The director of the CI at the UV, Vicente Andreu,dressed in Chinese traditional costume and made a speech to encourage the competitors. After the starting of the competition, the competitors showed to the audience their Chinese knowledge and Chinese cultural skills. According to the topic of "My Chinese Dream", the competitors introduced their family members, Chinese traditional culture, experience of learning Chinese and the views on Chinese national situations. The competitor Pablo from college students group introduced his experiences of learning Chinese, the love for Chinese and yearning to China with sincere words, which won a warm applause from the audience. In the part of quiz these competitors demonstrated their basic knowledge of Chinese language and broad understanding of Chinese culture. In the part of Chinese talent show, the competitor Maria from the high school students group introduced the Chinese popular numeral language of internet, so that the atmosphere of the competition reached a climax.

The audience also enjoyed the performances brought by the lovely children, such as the Chinese song "Great China ", "Congratulations ", dance "Come on Universe". These lively and interesting programs added a more intense atmosphere, which won warm applause from the audience.