The Third Pisa Chinese Film Festival Held Successfully by Confucius Institute of Pisa, Italy

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Pisa [Time]    2014-04-18 16:10:48 

The third Pisa Chinese Film Festival was held successfully by the Confucius Institute of Pisa, Italy, between February 26 and March 1, 2014. This festival was jointly held by the Confucius Institute of Pisa, Pisa Municipal Government, Pisa Film Society, and Pisa’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Since its first establishment three years ago, the festival has always upheld the concept of showing the Italian audience the traditional Chinese culture, life of Chinese people and China’s social changes, which received positive responses and unanimous praise from the local audience.

The opening ceremony was held in the Pisa Convention Center Stazione leopolda at 18:30 on February 26, 2014. Stefano Alpini, Director of Pisa Convention Center and Chairman of Pisa Chinese Film Festival, and Mr. Danti, Cultural Affairs Commissioner of Pisa Municipal Government, attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Exhibition hall of the third Pisa Chinese Film Festival

Different from the previous ones, the opening ceremony of the festival this year invited twenty Chinese students who were studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts, Carrara to hold a large-scale art exhibition entitled “Made in China”. Oil paintings, photographs, sculptures and cloth scrolls created at the scene by using scrap leather and fabric were displayed in good order. These works of art were in different styles such as abstractionism, realism, modernism and postmodernism, and covered a wide-range of topics such as still life, landscapes, people, and animals. Affected by light and shadow in the gallery, they exhibited a dramatic tension, endowed visitors with a rich, profound and amazing artistic enjoyment and edification, and thus were loved by Chinese culture enthusiasts present.

Scene of the “Made in China” Art Exhibition

Works of art being created at the scene

Christoph Rehage, a German and the author of the bestselling book The Longest Way, was also invited to the opening ceremony. He told the live audience how he completed the 5,000 km hiking through China. In the question-and-answer section of his speech, he answered the audience’s questions concerning this hiking in a very active atmosphere.

Christoph Rehage telling the audience the story about his hiking through China

There were altogether seven films screened successively during this four-day festival. Every afternoon and evening, documentaries and films about China were screened for local citizens as well as faculty and students from the University of Pisa. The most popular among them are China directed by the famous Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni and L’occupazione Cinese directed by Massimo Luconi.

It is worth mentioning that producers, directors, film critics or professors from the universities in Pisa were invited to analyze the backgrounds and contents of the films before and after each screening. They answered the audience’s questions carefully, so that the audience could have a clear vision of the films and a more comprehensive understanding of China and Chinese culture.

The excellent films screened in the festival reflected from various aspects the contemporary Chinese culture, everyday life of Chinese people, great social changes of China, and the achievements Chinese cinema had made all over the world. This festival once again showed the Italian audience the tremendous charm of Chinese films and culture.

By Sun Chang