Book Donation by Hanban Wins Warm Praise from People in the Kingdom of Tonga

[Source]    Tonga High School [Time]    2014-04-18 16:04:18 

On February 25, 2014, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) donated a total of 460 books of 77 kinds to Tonga High School in the Kingdom of Tonga. Given its underdeveloped economy and poor teaching facilities and resources in Tonga, these donated books were just like a clear spring in a desert. Among all the 18 subjects offered in Tonga High School, Chinese language course is the only one with teaching materials. Compared with the teaching notes on the blackboard, the brand-new textbooks were of more clarity, sensory appeals and vividness and greatly improved the teaching efficiency.

The books donated this time included textbooks like Learn Chinese with Me, KUAILE HANYU and Chengo Chinese, dictionaries like New Little Chinese-English Dictionary, A Modern Chinese-English Dictionary and My Chinese Picture Dictionary, and some teaching aids including writing bush, rice paper, and Chinese ink; as well as teaching DVDs like Learn Chinese Art of Paper Cutting with Me, Chinese Characters in Five Thousand Years and Magical Chinese Characters.

This book donation received unanimous praise from the Principal of Tonga High School, the students and their parents. Ms. Amilia, Principal of the School, told our reporter, “These books from China are full of knowledge and wisdom and will change the lives of our students.” With new books in their hands, students from Junior Three, Senior One and Senior Two who took Chinese as an optional course were greatly cheerful. These happy moments were captured by the above photos. Their smiles reflected not only the joy and eagerness for knowledge, but also their pursuit of a promising future. A student named Alici Fifita told our Chinese teacher Ms. Song Cuiwei, “I want to learn Chinese well so that I can go to China to further my studies. This is my ‘Chinese Dream’. ”

By Song Cuiwei


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