The Confucius Institute at the University of New South Wales at Orientation Week in the New Academic Year of 2014, Australia

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of New South Wales [Time]    2014-04-18 15:17:22 

The Confucius Institute at the University of New South Wales (the UNSW Confucius Institute in short) participated in the student orientation activities held for the new academic year between February 24 and 26 2014. At this event, the UNSW Confucius Institute gave a thorough presentation of all its programs, and designed the convenient QR code scan system to attract students, which enabled them to enter into the program registration webpage simply by scanning the code through their cell phones.

The “Cultural Ambassadors of the Confucius Institute” introducing the cultural activities to freshmen

By the joint efforts of faculty members, interns and “Cultural Ambassadors”, the Confucius Institute has successfully recruited over 300 new students through the three-day vigorous campaign. These students from all over the world shared a keen interest in learning Chinese language. They looked forward to more opportunities of participating in cultural communication activities. Many students expressed their wish to help promote Chinese language and Chinese culture through learning the language, and were eager to have the honor of becoming “Cultural Ambassadors” themselves in the future.

“Cultural Ambassadors of the Confucius Institute” at the campaign stall

The UNSW Orientation Week is the largest student event held annually on the UNSW campus, as well as the largest orientation activity among all universities in Australia. This annual event takes place one week before the term begins, which offers a great opportunity for all students, especially freshmen, to familiarize themselves with university environment and student life. At this time of each year there are about 25,000 students taking part in various activities in the Orientation Week, where they can join in their favorite clubs, take a campus tour, gain free gifts and learning materials, and engage in recreational activities.

In addition, all colleges held their own orientation sessions and professional training lectures; more than 200 student clubs and local enterprises of various sizes participated in the Orientation Week, which greatly enriched this event. Almost every student was able to find the program that they were interested in. The UNSW Confucius Institute was well prepared to grasp this excellent campaign opportunity. By three months of hard work including material design, activity planning and “Cultural Ambassadors” recruiting, the Confucius Institute achieved unprecedented success in its promotion work to raise the reputation and profile of the Institute in the UNSW.

The lively scene at the Orientation Week