“China Day” and “China Week” activities held in France to observe the 50th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties

[Source]    Chinese Embassy in France [Time]    2014-04-08 16:19:29 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, faculty members, Chinese government funded teachers and volunteers from Confucius Institutes across France held the “China Day” or “China Week” activities in 44 schools scattered in 24 cities. From 14 January to 8 March 2014, the two-month activities attracted tens of thousands of students and their parents as well as local citizens.

The “China Day” or “China Week” activities in France featured Chinese culture photo exhibits, Chinese short plays and thematic speeches, contests of knowledge about China, lectures on Chinese culture and history, Spring Festival galas and so forth. It was hoped that the French people would be more interested in Chinese history and culture if participating in these China-themed activities in person, thus further facilitating Chinese language teaching in France.

The “China Day” or “China Week” activities, like the “Chinese Culture Year in France” before, were oriented to people all over France. Participators included not only students studying Chinese language and their parents but also local citizens and government officials. In addition, they drew the attention of media and were widely covered, hence a great social influence. These activities, greatly loved by the masses, have deepened the friendship and the cultural exchanges between Chinese and French peoples by offering more French students and citizens a golden chance to better understand a fast-developing modern China. Many French students desire to go to China for further study to realize their “Chinese dreams”.

Students from Jean Moulin Primary School in Saint-Germain-en-Laye City performing “Chinese Kong Fu”

Marcel Aymard Middle School parades in Millau City

Students from Alain Middle School in Alençon City making Chinese dumplings to celebrate the Spring Festival

Students from Pilote Innovant International High School in Poitiers City writing Spring Festival couplets


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