Chinese Culture Show Held by the Confucius Institute at George Mason University, U.S. Appeals to Thousands of Audiences

[Source]    Confucius Institute at George Mason University [Time]    2014-04-08 16:13:29 

On February 22, Virginia ushered in the annual event --- the “China Day”. The freezing weather couldn’t reduce the enthusiasm of local residents and students, and over 3,000 audiences joined this great event. Invited by the sponsor -- Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Confucius Institute at George Mason University went to Richmond, capital of Virginia, and held the Chinese Culture Show, which was warmly welcomed by the sponsor and the participants.

All teachers of the Confucius Institute dressed in gorgeous national costumes on that day, which became a shining point of this event. Parents and children clustered around the Confucius Institute booth. The Culture Show mainly included Chinese knot and Chinese paper cutting, and was composed of three sections, i.e., “Display of Works”, “Live Demonstration” and “Participation of Audience”.

“Chinese knot” is fresh to American audience. Children felt amazed when watching the fingers of those teachers moving back and forth through the colorful strings, and finally various kinds of delicate Chinese knots were made. They crowded around the booth and followed the teachers to make knots just like professional craftsmen. At the end of the show, every child went home satisfactorily with a Chinese knot made by themselves. Some wore it on the head while others pinned it to the bosom.

Paper Cutting Booth attracted children’s attention with traditional arts, modern patterns and bright colors. Children tried paper cutting enthusiastically under the guidance of teachers from the Confucius Institute. Holding small scissors in hand, they soon created lively patterns. Set against children’s smiling faces, the orange goldfish, purple tigers and red butterflies looked amazingly beautiful. Quite a lot of parents asked teachers for more paper cutting pattern plates before leaving so that they could keep trying at home. It seems that they haven’t enjoyed themselves to the full.

In addition, on the “China Day”, live demonstration of Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting, folk music performance, dragon-lion dance, and shadow puppet making were shown in other booths. The whole museum was filled with rich Chinese cultural atmosphere. The Chinese Culture Show has fully demonstrated the glamour of Chinese culture, drawn more attention towards it, and motivated many children’s interest towards culture and language, which plays an active role in promoting Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute at George Mason University has participated in this event for many times, and contributed greatly to the dissemination of Chinese culture in the region of Washington D. C. and Virginia.