Grand Garden Fair on Chinese Culture Held in Miami, USA

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College [Time]    2014-04-08 16:05:26 

February 16th, 2014, it was a day with bright sunshine and gentle breeze. Amid the traditional Chinese folk music, the annual grand garden fair on the theme of Chinese culture was held in Miami, Florida. The theme of this year’s garden fair was “Chinese Spring Festival”, which was jointly organized by Chinese Cultural Foundation and the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College, with Mr. Peter Liu, President of the Foundation, and Mr. Yu Xuejun, American Director of the Confucius Institute, as chair and vice-chair of the organizing committee, respectively. Held at the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College, the fair consisted of four sections, namely, performance section, culture exhibition section, food exhibition section, and children amusement section. U.S. Congresswoman Ms. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen sent her congratulatory letter to Mr. Peter Liu, wishing this year’s event would be more successful and impressive. Madam Xu Erwen, Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston, also sent her congratulatory letter, in which she praised “the Chinese Spring Festival celebrations link communities in China with these in the U.S.”.

The entrance of the garden fair

At around noon time, Chinese artistic performances officially began when the dragon dance and lion dance teams returned to the performance section after finishing a tour around the site along with the loud rhythmic music of gongs and drums. Before the show, Mr. Adam Tavakoli, Director of Miami-Dade County's Asian-American Advisory Board, attended this event and announced February 16th as the “Chinese New Year Day” of Dade County, Miami. The U.S. Postal Service also sent its representatives to congratulate on the opening of the fair, who brought the commemorative stamp for the “Year of the Horse”. Then, Ms. Lourdes Oroza, President of Miami Dade College, Kendall Campus, and Mr. Zhang Chuanbing, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Houston, gave their congratulatory remarks respectively.

Revealing the commemorative stamp for the "Year of the Horse"

Then, Chinese performers from local communities presented the American audience two wonderful performances with more than ten programs, which included dance music of Miao ethnic group, Shaolin Kung Fu show, acrobatic show, the classical musical Flower Beauty, and song and dance show Fabulous Ethnic Fusion. In addition, Asian students from Florida International University also performed a lively song and dance show Gangnam Style. Many audiences enjoyed themselves so much that they were reluctant to leave after the performances. Some of them came to take photos with performers while some others chose to take photos in front of the giant poster of the “Great Wall”. And some even decided to stay for the second performance.

An intimate contact with the “Great Wall”

After enjoying the performance, visitors could take their children to the children amusement section for fun, or to the culture exhibition section to experience a free clinical service by traditional Chinese medicine doctors or to buy some Chinese handicraft works, or to the exhibition table of the Confucius Institute to get information about Chinese language programs and free Chinese calligraphy gifts by Ms. Guo Jingping and Ms. Huang Yajuan, Chinese teachers from the Institute. What was worth mentioning was that Ms. Liu Fei, wife of American Director of the Confucius Institute, and Mr. Valentine, husband of Ms. Huang Yajuan, spent their own time volunteering for the Institute. The exhibition table of the Institute was surrounded by a large crowd of people, some of whom were asking about the Chinese language programs and some trying to write Chinese characters with a brush pen. Among them, even kids who were only a bit taller than the table were eager to try writing with brush pens.

The exhibition table of the Confucius Institute

I want to learn calligraphy

Curious children

Around 8,000 visitors participated in the activities of the garden fair or watched the performances. At the exhibition table of the Confucius Institute, many of them excitedly expressed, “We felt so grateful that this event provided us with a great opportunity to experience Chinese culture.” Some of them made it clear that they would go to the Confucius Institute at Miami Dade College to learn Chinese.