Exhibition of Chinese Language Teaching Materials Held by Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University Creates a Chinese Language Learning Fever, Israel

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University [Time]    2014-04-04 13:38:57 

On February 18, 2014, the exhibition of Chinese language teaching materials and book donation sponsored by the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University was held successfully at Tel Aviv University. Ori Sela, Israeli Director of the Institute, and Li Zhenshi, Chinese Director, attended and chaired this exhibition.

In this exhibition, more than fifty types of resources were displayed, including various Chinese language teaching materials, Chinese reference books, reading materials about Chinese culture, supplementary materials for HSK exam, CDs on Chinese culture, etc. Over two hundred textbooks and other books such as New Practical Chinese Reader, Great Wall Chinese, Experiencing Chinese, Business Chinese, Official Examination Papers of HSK, and Panoramic Chinese Culture were donated to students of the Confucius Institute and Chinese language learners from the East Asia Department at Tel Aviv University. In order to further improve the teaching quality of the local Chinese language teachers in Israel, the Confucius Institute carefully selected such materials as teacher’s books of Chinese language teaching materials, Chinese reference books, and CDs on Chinese language teaching, which were warmly welcomed by local Chinese language teachers in Israel.

In the exhibition, teachers and volunteers from the Confucius Institute were surrounded by Chinese language learners who wanted to know about the selection of Chinese language teaching materials, Chinese language learning, etc. The professional and patient replies solved the puzzles of many Chinese language learners. Some scholars from the East Asia Department, after browsing the books about Chinese culture, expressed that China had a long history and rich culture, so they would like to do some researches on Chinese culture.

Director Li Zhenshi introducing Chinese language teaching materials to students of the Institute

The atmosphere of the book donation was fantastic. Over two hundred teaching materials and other books were almost given out in half an hour. Many students said that there were few Chinese language teaching materials in Israel, particularly the Chinese and Hebrew bilingual ones which were very important for their study, so they hoped that the Confucius Institute could set up a platform of teaching resources to provide them with more learning materials.

The exhibition of teaching materials at Tel Aviv University

Director Li Zhenshi expressed that the teaching material exhibition and book donation held by the Confucius Institute at Tel Aviv University were of great significance to the promotion of cultural exchanges between China and Israel. She hoped that these donated books could help the local Chinese language learners learn Chinese better and let more Israeli readers understand and study the excellent Chinese culture and language.

By Bao Yinhui and Wu Di