Chinese Culture Class Makes its Debut at the Primary and Secondary Schools in Yekaterinburg, Russia

[Source]    CRI Confucius Classroom at RSVPU in Yekaterinburg [Time]    2014-04-04 13:26:52 

On February 7, 2014, the highly-anticipated activities for the 3rd “Science Day” were held at No. 110 School in Yekaterinburg, Russia, in which all courses and subjects were introduced to the students. Chinese teachers from the CRI Confucius Classroom at RSVPU in Yekaterinburg were invited to participate in this event and taught Chinese calligraphy, tea art and paper-cutting to around 180 students from six classes in Grade 5 and 6.

Students from No.110 School (Class 2, Grade 5) practicing Chinese calligraphy

A Chinese teacher from the CRI Confucius Classroom at RSVPU in Yekaterinburg demonstrating how to write strokes of Chinese characters

Students from No.110 School (Class 1, Grade 6) watching how to brew Chinese tea

Students from No.110 School (Class 4, Grade 6) appreciating Chinese paper cuts

A talent class was designed for students to experience Chinese culture and was complemented with some audio and video materials from the Russian-version of Hello, China (a multimedia cultural project with books and CDs introducing Chinese culture). By touching Xuan paper (a high quality paper made in Xuancheng, Anhui Province for traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy), brush pens, red paper and tasting tea with different flavors, students could directly feel the charm of Chinese culture. Teachers and students were so enthusiastic participating in the heated discussions on how to write Chinese characters, such as “福(fu)”(blessing), and how to do paper-cutting. In addition, students also learned how to write and read some simple Chinese phrases and expressions, such as “你好(ni hao)” (hello), “谢谢(xie xie)”(thanks), “熊猫(xiong mao)”(panda), “再见(zai jian)”(goodbye). They were quite reluctant to leave even when the recess bell rang

Students from No.110 School (Class 4, Grade 6) demonstrating their paper cuts: Chinese character “囍 (xi)” (happiness)

Students from No.110 School (Class 1, Grade 5) watching a video clip on paper-cutting from Hello, China

Students from No.110 School (Class 1, Grade 5) trying to cut the Chinese character “囍(xi)” (happiness)

A student from No.110 School (Class 1, Grade 5) demonstrating her paper-cut

A student from No.110 School (Class 1, Grade 5) demonstrating his paper-cut

The headmaster of Class 1, Grade 5 said, “Since yesterday, students were all looking forward to the lessons which the Chinese teachers would bring to them. Today, they are very active. They not only have an opportunity to see and touch Chinese traditional paper-cuts, but also see the paper-cut of the mascot of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, which interest us a lot. We all feel happy to learn Chinese paper-cutting and are willing to keep learning Chinese culture.”

Ms. Irina Vinogradova, Principal of No. 110 School, presented a letter of thanks to the Classroom and its teachers, expressing her gratitude for their support and participation in the “Science Day” event and for their professional education and guidance for the young generations. She also hoped that the CRI Confucius Classroom at RSVPU in Yekaterinburg would come and participate in events of such types in the future.

No. 110 School in Yekaterinburg was established in 1951. Until now, the “Science Day” event has been held for three times and around 4,000 teachers and students participated in relevant activities. This year was the first time for the School to cooperate with Chinese cultural organizations.


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