Joy Gala for Saint Valentine’s Day in 2014 Held by the Foreign Languages Section at Phuket Wittayalai School, Thailand

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Phuket [Time]    2014-04-04 13:21:00 

On February 13, 2014, just one day before the Saint Valentine’s Day, all the teachers and students from the Foreign Languages Section at Phuket Wittayalai School, Thailand, successfully held a special multi-lingual and multi-cultural joy gala for this year’s Valentine’s Day, which helped teachers and students know more about the custom for this festival and strengthen their exchange and communication at this school where many cultures co-exist.

The gala started at 10 o’clock in the morning. Both the Principal and Vice-Principal attended and delivered their opening remarks. He emphasized that Phuket Wittayalai School, while maintaining its advantages in science subjects, should encourage students to develop their multi-lingual abilities to prepare for the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) integration. While strengthening the support for languages like English, Chinese, French and Malay, the School will launch courses on other languages, such as Japanese, Korean and Russian, hoping to help students experience the atmosphere of diverse cultures and strengthen their ability to understand the world from various perspectives. Then, Head of the Foreign Languages Section also made some remarks. First, she introduced the work done by every language group within the Section and expressed her gratitude to all the teachers and students for their hard work and achievements. Also, she expressed her optimism in the cooperation and expansion of the Section in the future. She ended her speech by sending festival wishes to more than 600 teachers and students at the event and hoped today’s event would fully showcase the talent of students from the four language groups and strengthen the exchange between different subjects.

Making Chinese knots on the spot

Chinese knots by students from the Chinese group

The Chinese group, continuously growing and developing within the Foreign Languages Section, set up an exhibition table with strong Chinese characteristics based on the creative ideas of teachers and students. This year is very unique because the Chinese Lantern Festival falls on the same day with the Valentine’s Day. Therefore, the students from the Chinese group designed a special wall where lovers could confess their affection to each other. Also, they taught Chinese language on the spot, which attracted many students to learn to express their love in Chinese. At the same time, in order to fit with the theme of the Chinese Lantern Festival, students showed the lanterns which they made in Chinese culture classes and the Chinese knots that were symbols of good wishes. Seeing many fellow students were so enthusiastic, they even started to teach them how to make Chinese knots, as if they were Chinese knots experts.

Student-made cards and exhibition boards for Valentine’s Day

Besides the exhibition table, the Chinese group also organized students to participate in the performances. Performances by the “Glory of China” artistic group from the Chinese group were very famous at the School. So, when the students with splendid costumes went onto the stage while the music was playing, it soon led to an enthusiastic ovation and cheers of the audience. Performances like the rhythmic Chinese Expressions and the Kung Fu show brought the whole event to its climax. Chen Shuxian, a first-year high school student, sang the Chinese song You Exist in My Song and the English one Rolling in the Deep. Her language competence in using English and Chinese and her beautiful voice amazed all the audience.

All in all, this event was filled with joy and happiness. Through this event, teachers and students from the four language groups came together and had a great time, which led to a merry ending of the event.

By Meng Xiuli