If you Apply to be sent abroad as a Chinese language teacher

[Source]     [Time]    2014-04-03 11:12:37 

Required qualifications: Bachelor degree or above in Chinese language teaching, Chinese literature, foreign languages, pedagogy, psychology, history, culture, sports or arts; a minimum of two years of professional teaching experience in primary, secondary or tertiary educational institutions; experienced in Chinese language teaching as a second language or overseas working experiences are preferred.

Current part-time teachers with experience of volunteering abroad as Chinese language teachers; competent in Chinese language teaching,Chinese culture promotion, and cross-cultural communications; Putonghua test, level II, Grade Aor above; fluent in English or the language used in the target country; applicants shall be aged less than 55 years old (55 included); be in sound physical condition; and have ability to adapt quickly and work under pressure.


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