A Special Chinese Music Performance
— Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College Brings Chinese Music to Laurens District 55 High School

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College [Time]    2014-03-31 15:49:02 

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, the Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College and Laurens District 55 High School welcomed renowned pianist Sandra Wright Shen. Around 300 students and staff attended and the recital consisted of about five pieces, all inspired by China.

“This is a unique music recital I have never seen before, she is amazing and she is also a really good communicator”, Judith Brown, a journalist from the Laurens County newspaper said after the concert. It was more like music with Chinese stories class than a serious music recital. Sandra told the story before each piece of music and showed the Chinese melody for the students as well. One of the students went to the stage and played the melody she taught. Everyone was touched by her butterfly love story, her music inspired people’s imagination. Amiable conversation is a very interesting piece. She played the music by her elbows, presenting a quarrel between two people which made the audience laugh. The last piece of the concert was Pi Huang which is two different traditional tunes used in Peking Opera. Sandra presented Chinese traditional story and art form by playing Chinese music. Students not only enjoyed the music she played but also excited to learn Chinese stories and its culture. It was a fantastic Chinese culture experience for the high school students.

Media people from Presbyterian College and local newspapers came to our concert and covered this event. Dr Kejian Jin, the Chinese director of Confucius Institute at Presbyterian College said: “The pianist is not just a music performer, but a good educator and story teller. Her story to go before every piece of music is so touching that you can see all audiences were participating and showing feedback and response to her. I'm so happy it was such a great success. Students learn Chinese culture through listening Chinese music and related stories. This is a very good way for us to spread Chinese culture. CI needs to bring more such event to our local community. ”

By Bin Li