American Students with “Zero Chinese Background” Had Their First Experience with Chinese Culture

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Colorado State University [Time]    2014-03-27 10:52:57 

On March 6, 2014, at Allison Hall, Confucius Institute at Colorado State University and one of the CSU dormitories jointly held a special Chinese Calligraphy event.

The event included two parts. One is teaching and the other is practice. At first, Wang Enqun, an oversea student from Hunan University, China, gave a brief introduction of the shape development of Chinese Characters from inscriptions on bones to modern characters. The combination of vivid language and pictures attracted a lot of American students. The hall was full of excited American students. The dormitory assistant Bourque Cole had prepared paper, ink and Chinese brushes. With the guidance of a Chinese teacher and oversea students, the American students with “Zero Chinese background” had their first experience with Chinese culture. They took up the Chinese brush and wrote down the first Chinese character in their life. Quite a few students lined up for the opportunity to write Chinese characters. A student called Lexi held the Chinese art paper filled with Chinese characters high and said happily, “I plan to learn Chinese. It’s really cool.”


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