Celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Horse Held at the Confucius Institute in Quimper Brittany

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Quimper Brittany [Time]    2014-03-07 13:54:58 

On February 2, 2014, on the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year, the branch Institute in Quimper of the Confucius Institute in Brittany held its 2nd “Chinese Spring Festival Day” celebration. The teaching buildings were decorated with lanterns and festoons and filled with the sound of gongs and drums, where a series of cultural activities were in full swing. The Confucius Institute provided the local citizens with a special feast of traditional Chinese culture.

By tradition, well-known Chinese and French calligraphers, painters and other artists were invited to perform on this special day. Various platforms, including lectures, art shows, interest groups and so forth, were provided for local citizens to experience Chinese culture and observe the Lunar New Year of the Horse along with the Confucius Institute.

Elementary school students singing Chinese songs together

The celebration started at 10:30 a.m. with two Chinese children’s songs sung together by the students from Sainte-Thérèse Elementary School. The first song Happy New Year immediately gave everyone present a festive mood, and the second one I Am a Little Green Dragon sung by the children clad in their Tang suits won a round of applause.

The shows on the afternoon were even more spectacular, including the sketch My encounter with China directed and performed by French students studying Chinese at the Confucius Institute, Chinese folk dances and Chinese kung fu by students from all over the world, etc. The hall was fully packed, and many even stood in the aisle to watch. The last show was a Chinese modern dance To Youth performed by Chinese exchange students, which pushed the celebration to a climax -- all the audience applauded and acclaimed, and their cheers and laughter made this new-year celebration quite unforgettable.

French calligraphers putting on a show of calligraphy

Apart from the stage shows, there were assorted interest groups in different classrooms. For example, the mahjong group (Breizh Majong), the Peking Opera Face Mask group, the Chinese calligraphy group, the traditional Chinese painting group, the Chinese cooking group, etc. A great number of people were attracted by all these interest groups. By participating in the group activities, local citizens could gain a better understanding of and become more passionate about traditional Chinese culture.

Another highlight of the celebration was the Chinese Tea Art performance by volunteer Chinese language teachers. This year, the audience could not only closely watch the performance but also savor the Chinese tea. Both the performance and the Chinese tea were highly praised. After the performance, many people were so amazed that they could not help discussing the tea art with the performers.

Students from different countries performing Chinese folk dances

At around 5 p.m., the celebration concluded with a Chinese lion dance. This celebration gave local citizens not only a memorable experience of the Chinese Lunar New Year but a perfect chance to understand Chinese culture. It can be predicted that in the future an increasing number of French people will develop a greater interest in Chinese culture, and then better understand it and deeply love it.

By Ding Keli