“Spring in Children’s Singing”
- Spring Festival Activities for Primary and Secondary School Students Held at Confucius Institute at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University [Time]    2014-02-27 13:20:26 

“Happy New Year, Happy New Year, We Wish You a Happy New Year…”. With snowflakes flying outside, in the hall of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Odessa, Ukraine, a group of children wearing typical Ukrainian traditional costumes started the spring overture.

As early as two months ago, staff from the Confucius Institute at South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University and the Consulate General started the preparations, which included making presentation slides, rehearsing songs and dances, and teaching children how to wish others a happy Chinese New Year. In addition, they told the children that the color of red means festivity, the color of gold means wealth, and horses are the symbol of good luck for the year 2014.

Children in Ukrainian traditional costumes dancing and singing

Oriental dance performance

Sending New Year wishes

A girl from the Erudit (Эрудит) Primary School learned oriental dances before and was the most active student in the Chinese language class. This time, she performed a fan dance. The children’s chorus from No. 292 Middle School also gave the audience an excellent performance. Girls with blonde hair, wearing traditional costumes, looked fabulous in red dresses, just like beautiful characters walking out of the postcards. After finishing their songs, each of them sent their New Year regards in Chinese to the audience, like “Ma Nian Ping An” (wish you great peace in the Year of the Horse), “Xing Fu An Kang” (wish you great happiness and health), and “Ma Dao Cheng Gong” (wish you great success in the Year of the Horse).

After the performances, there was a quiz contest. It was originally designed for the children to draw lots and each child would answer only one question. However, the children were so enthusiastic and each of them, putting their little hands up high, vied with each other to answer questions, and their answers to the questions were always right.

“What is the largest island of China?” “Taiwan!”

“What is the biggest city in China?” “Shanghai!”

“What is the year in 2014?” “The Year of the Horse!”

The prizes were soon given out, and the children all looked very happy with their prizes. When the activities came to an end, the children were quite reluctant to leave. In addition, those who were a little older wanted to know the time when new Chinese classes would start, and some parents also enquired which secondary schools their children could go to continue with Chinese language learning.

By Ding Xin


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