Confucius Institute at University of Zambia Successfully Holds the 2nd Chinese Film Festival

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Zambia [Time]    2014-02-18 14:13:24 

Hosted by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and co-organized by the Confucius Institute at the University of Zambia, the 2nd Chinese Film Festival was successfully held in the Fresh View Cinema in Levy, a shopping mall in Lusaca, capital of Zambia, from January 18 to 19 to observe the Chinese Spring Festival of the Year of Horse, popularize traditional Chinese culture and promote the cultural exchanges between China and Zambia.

Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Mr. Zhou Yuxiao (L) and Zambian Minister of Education Dr. Phiri attending the 2nd Chinese Film Festival

Guests at home and abroad attending the 2nd Chinese Film Festival

At 7 p.m. on 18, the opening ceremony and reception of the 2nd Chinese Film Festival officially began. More than 100 guests attended it, including Zambian Minister of Education Mr. John Phiri, Zambian Deputy Minister of Defense Mr. Joseph Lungu, Chinese envoys to Zambia, and representatives of universities or institutes in collaboration with the Confucius Institute: the University of Zambia, the Copperbelt University, Zambia Institute of Accounting, etc., of both Chinese and Zambian institutions and organizations, of the Zambian capital airport, Department of Immigration, Police Office, Road Transport and Safety Agency, and of various media such as VPRO Channel of the Netherlands, Zambian National TV, Daily Mail, The Post, CCTV and Overseas Chinese Weekly.

Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao delivered a speech first. In his remarks, he said that the Chinese Embassy in Zambia, together with Chinese enterprises and people in Zambia, will hold a series of Chinese Spring Festival celebratory activities, with this two-day event as the prelude, to enhance mutual cultural exchanges between China and Zambia as well as the mutual understanding between the two peoples, adding that 2014 Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair will also be soon held by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia in a week.

Then Ambassador Zhou introduced the history of Chinese film industry and the current film market in China, further pointing out that in recent years, many achievements have been made by the two countries in Chinese language teaching, sending Zambian students to China for study, the exchange of art troupes, radio, film and television, and the construction of education and sports infrastructure. Particularly during President Sata's visit to China, a cultural cooperation agreement was signed between the two countries, showing that China would like to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the rest of the world in cultural fields such as the film. He hoped that through this film festival, the Zambian people can gain a better understanding of the daily life of an average Chinese, Chinese culture and the development as well as changes of Chinese society.

Zambian Minister of Education also addressed the ceremony. In his speech, he noted that China and Zambia are not simply ordinary friends, adding that without China’s help, the Zambian people would not have been likely to achieve their national independence, and therefore the Zambian people should always be grateful to China and learn from the Chinese as much as possible in order to better develop their country. He wished the Chinese Film Festival a success and the traditional friendship and bilateral cooperation between the two countries develop faster and better in the coming Year of Horse.

Ambassador Zhou Yuxiao raised a glass with Zambian Minister of Education and Deputy Minister of Defense to the Chinese Film Festival and the 2nd Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair in Zambia to be held next Saturday. Later, in company with other guests, they watched the very first movie screened in the Festival Sophie’s Revenge.

Many people, Zambian Deputy Minister of Defense Mr. Lungu (L1) among them, gathering around the promotion stall of the Confucius Institute at University of Zambia to inquire about more information

As the warm-up of the Chinese Spring Festival Temple Fair, four carefully-selected movies were screened during the Film Festival -- the urban romance of Sophie’s Revenge, the cartoon of The Dreams of Jinsha, the inspiring American Dreams in China and the feature film of Mark of Youth, which was specially prepared for overseas Chinese in Zambia. Both Chinese and Zambian audiences praised these films and inquired whether more Chinese films would be screened in the near future.