Inauguration Ceremony of Confucius Classroom at Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language, Ecuador

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language [Time]    2014-02-07 13:55:28 

On November 30, 2013, the inauguration ceremony of the Confucius Classroom on the Cumbaya Campus of Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language was co-hosted by the Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Ecuador and Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language in Ecuador of South America, a country lying on the Equator. This exciting moment of the inauguration of the Confucius Classroom was witnessed by a total of over 500 persons, including China’s Ambassador to Ecuador, special representatives from Ecuador’s Constituent Assembly, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture, delegates of the Sino-Ecuador Friendship Association and the Sino-Ecuador Women’s Association, representatives of overseas Chinese and Chinese-funded enterprises, reporters from Xinhua News Agency, major news media of Ecuador, enrolled students and their parents.

A group photo of the inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony began with the cheerful and lively performance of lion dance. Cao Xiaohong, Principal of Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language was the first to address the ceremony. In his speech, he extended his gratitude to people from various circles for their support for the school. Maria Esther Lemus, special representative from the Ministry of Education, expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the Confucius Classroom. She said, it not only means the completion of the construction of a Chinese teaching base, but also reflects the Chinese Government’s firm support for the great cause of education, which is significant for the promotion of educational cooperation between the two countries and the benefit of the local people.

Representative from the Constituent Assembly presenting a congratulatory plaque as a gift to the Academy

Jorge Merizalde, special representative from Ecuador’s Constituent Assembly, addressed the ceremony and presented a congratulatory plague as a gift to the Academy. Representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises, overseas Chinese, and students gave speeches in turn. Huang Kangyi, Cultural Commissioner of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Ecuador, read the congratulatory letter from Xu Lin, Director-General of Hanban, and delivered the donated books to the Academy on behalf of Hanban.

Finally, Wang Shixiong, Chinese Ambassador to Ecuador, delivered a speech. He said that the inauguration of the Confucius Classroom at Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language is the honor of the Academy and the result of many years’ efforts of the school and its founders in focusing on its tasks of teaching Chinese language. Then Ambassador Wang Shixiong and Principal Cao Xiaohong inaugurated the Confucius Classroom together, with all people present standing up and applauding.

Chorus of teachers and students

Reading the ten quotes from The Analects of Confucius

Then teachers and students from Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language offered rich and colorful performances. The opening dance What a Beautiful Jasmine gave the audience a refreshing and touching feeling, the reading of the ten quotes from The Analects of Confucius and classical poems made them experience China’s rich history of 5,000 years, the cucurbit flute performance brought a unique Chinese minority flavor, the Cheongsam Show fully reflected Oriental women’s gentleness and elegance, the Chinese song sung by local students amazed the audience who kept saying: “Wonderful”, and the martial arts performer demonstrated his strength and skills which pushed the atmosphere to a climax. The last performance was a Spanish song sung by Chinese teachers, backed up by dancing SALSA by local students. Here the two cultures of China and Ecuador, adding radiance and charm to each other, fused together, and the whole performance lasted about one and a half hours.

All the teachers and students of Siyuan Academy of Chinese Language have put tremendous efforts into the event. In the future, this Confucius Classroom will broaden its field of teaching on the basis of teaching Chinese language, folk music and martial arts, strive to become an influential center of Chinese culture in Ecuador, sow the seeds of communication, understanding, harmony and fraternity, and make contributions to the friendship between China and Ecuador.


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