“Beauty of Harmony” – Chinese Corner of Chopsticks Culture Held Successfully by Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Free International University of Moldova [Time]    2014-01-22 11:34:39 

On the morning of November 30, 2013, the Confucius Institute at the Free International University of Moldova organized a Chinese Corner with the theme of “Chinese Chopsticks Culture”. All Chinese language teachers of the Confucius Institute, students from the Free International University of Moldova, and fans of the Chinese culture in Moldova participated in this activity.

With the chopsticks culture penetrating throughout the activity, the volunteer Chinese language teachers, using a vivid language and visual descriptions, introduced to the people of Moldova the origin, cultural implications and uses of chopsticks. They also taught the foreign students present how to use chopsticks. Organizers prepared candies, fruit, Ping-Pang balls and other items to let the foreign students pick them up using chopsticks. For many students it was the first time to use chopsticks, so they were not skilled enough, but they remained very enthusiastic and tried their best. Games such as “Pass the Ping-Pang Ball” made Moldovan students enjoy the magic of the chopsticks and pushed the activity to a climax in the sounds of laughter and cheering.

Through this activity, the Moldovan students learned about the history and culture of chopsticks, and by using the chopsticks, they experienced the inheritance and charm of the Chinese culture.

The volunteer teacher introducing to the audience the origin of chopsticks

The teacher demonstrating the right way to hold chopsticks

Students trying to pick up a candy