The Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary of Establishment, Madagascar

[Source]    Xinhuanet [Time]    2013-12-24 16:39:34 

ANTANANARIVO, November 13, 2013 (By He Xianfeng and Hu Yuanyuan) - The Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University in Madagascar celebrated its fifth anniversary of establishment on November 13, 2013.

In his congratulatory speech, Yang Min, Chinese Ambassador to Madagascar, praised that the Confucius Institute has made impressive achievements in training Chinese language teachers, organizing Chinese language teaching, hosting cultural events and exchanges, and promoting Chinese language proficiency tests. After five years of continuous development, this Institute has already become an important platform for the education and culture exchanges between China and Madagascar.

Gatien, the representative for the ministers of the Ministry of Higher Education of Madagascar, said that the Confucius Institute has become an excellent model in higher education and wished that it would continue to expand its teaching scale so that it would contribute more to the economic development of Madagascar and the cultural exchange between Madagascar and China.

According to the Chinese Director Li Haijun, the Confucius Institute at Antananarivo University has set up 30 teaching sites in six major cities in Madagascar since it was launched in November 2008. In 2013, the number of registered students in Madagascar for learning Chinese language has reached 6,775.