The Second Chinese Culture Day Successfully Held by the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University

[Source]    Confucius Institute at La Trobe University [Time]    2013-11-26 10:38:38 

The Second Chinese Culture Day, which was jointly organized by the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University and Charles La Trobe College, was successfully held at the College on June 19th, 2013. Around 600 teachers and students from Preparatory Year to Grade 12 participated in this event.

Speaking guests (from left to right), State Senator Anthony Carbines, Executive Director Liz Stinson, and President Maria Karvouni

At the opening ceremony, Anthony Carbines, Senator for Victoria, Liz Stinson, Executive Director of the Office of International Affairs at La Trobe University, and Maria Karvouni, Principal of Charles La Trobe College, gave their speeches in turn, speaking highly of the Chinese Culture Day which contributes to enriching Australians’ lives and boosting their understanding about China and Chinese culture. They also encouraged the students present to respond to the call of the Australian Government White Paper, and to seize the opportunity to learn Chinese language. After the speeches, Professor Pei Likun, Director of the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University, made a donation of books in Chinese to Charles La Trobe College, for the purpose of expanding the catalogue of Chinese language teaching and learning materials for teachers and students. Some wonderful performances followed. The audience was totally absorbed in the beautiful national dances and the smooth Tai Chi actions performed by a teacher from Confucius Institute. Later, the interactive session amazed the children, setting a climax for the show. Rowan Watson, the 3rd place recipient in the 12th annual Melbourne “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition, sang a Chinese song along to his own ukulele solo, which intrigued many children’s enthusiasm in learning Chinese.

Rowan Watson singing a Chinese song

Tai Chi Kung-Fu performance by a teacher from Confucius Institute

In order to provide children with opportunities to learn more about, to develop a liking for, and to get blended into Chinese culture, this Chinese Culture Day features “Immersive” experiences which centered upon Chinese Kung-Fu, Chinese art, Chinese food, Chinese tales, classic kids games and Chinese chess games. In the hall for Chinese Kung-Fu training, children thoroughly concentrated on imitating every single movement of Tai Chi demonstrated by the teacher. In the paper-cut class, students followed detailed instructions and created beautiful window paper-cuts of all shapes and patterns. In the calligraphy class, students mastered step by step how to hold and use pens and finally managed to write down their names in Chinese characters with writing brushes. In the dining hall, children showered praises on the delicious Chinese food like spring rolls and fried rice. In the multi-media classroom, with the help of some videos and pictures, teachers narrated some legendary tales such as “Zheng He’s travelling to the West” and “Cowherd and Weaving Girl”, which totally captivated the students. The most vivacious session was Chinese kids games – kite flying, shuttlecock kicking, rope jumping, and top spinning – which were all eye openers and offered great enjoyment to these Australian children. Some senior students were intoxicated in playing Klotski (a kind of sliding block puzzle), Chinese checkers, and other board games, all of which have induced them to wonder at Chinese wisdom.

Students from Charles La Trobe College experiencing cultural activities

To make the Chinese language and culture go global needs to be started at an early age. Charles La Trobe College offers a complete program from Preparatory Year to Grade 12. “Charles La Trobe Chinese Culture Day” enables students of all ages to personally experience Chinese culture and offers them an all-around touch with China and her beauty from different perspectives. “Chinese Culture Day” is now a regular annual event for Charles La Trobe College, strengthening the influence and reputation of Confucius Institute, La Trobe University in Northern Melbourne communities. It is also an epitome of how the Confucius Institute, La Trobe University enters the mainstream society and gets into various Australian schools.