Celebrations for Dragon Boat Festival and Valentine's Day
- The First Chinese Cultural Event Held at the Confucius Institute at Ponitical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and Don Enrique High School

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Ponitical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro [Time]    2013-11-25 14:35:53 

Following the signing ceremony for launching the Bilingual School Program to carry out educational cooperation on June 10, representatives of the Confucius Institute at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro visited the Don Enrique State Public High School for the first round of cultural exchanges on June 12, which won unanimous praise from the teachers and students.

On the morning of June 12, the auditorium of Don Henrik Public High School was in a lively mood. Chinese lanterns together with paper-cutting patterns, folding fans and colored balloons printed with the name of the Confucius Institute that were hung everywhere filled the whole auditorium with rich Chinese cultural flavor, and curious students surrounded their Chinese teachers dressed in cheongsam, asking a variety of questions. That day was both the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival and Valentine's Day of Brazil, therefore Qiao Jianzhen, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio, led all staff of the institute in preparing various meaningful themed events for the students. At the same time of conducting cultural exchanges, they also brought the Chinese language and related teaching activities to classrooms of this secondary school, which attracted great attention of the teachers and students.

A speech by the principal of Enrique High school officially opened the event. On behalf of the faculty and students of the school, she welcomed the Confucius Institute for carrying out cultural activities and offering Chinese courses, and hoped to engage in long-term cooperation with the institute in a number of fields.

Following that, Qiao Jianzhen introduced the development of the Confucius Institutes in Brazil, in Latin America and in the world,, and briefed about related projects of the institute. This event was a warm-up step for the upcoming PILOT - Chinese Language and Culture Trial Courses, and was a preparing move for the Brazil’s first Portuguese-Chinese bilingual school to be established in 2014. It was the first time for courses on the Chinese language and culture to enter middle school classrooms of Rio, and the students have no specific idea about this language and culture. Therefore, holding such cultural exchange events will on the one hand, clearly show the unique charm of Chinese culture and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries, and on the other hand, it will attract more students to learn Chinese and reserve more Portuguese-Chinese bilingual talents for the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games. Moreover, this Confucius Institute will design specialized and well-categorized courses in line with the specific needs of the university and its students in the future, to meet the needs of the secondary education system in Rio.

Adriano, Secretary General of the Development and Planning Administration under the Bureau of Education of Rio de Janeiro, and relevant officials attended the meeting, and after the cultural activities, they had a pleasant conversation with Qiao Jianzhen and the volunteers. Adriano said, the Bilingual School Program was only a beginning and the Bureau of Education of Rio would actively support the work of the Confucius Institute, well coordinate work in all aspects, help to promote the teaching of Chinese language and culture, and make unremitting efforts to promote cultural development of China and Brazil, and to produce local Chinese talents.

The auditorium fully packed with teachers and students.

Voluntary teacher Luo Yuan performing a peacock dance.

Voluntary teacher Luo Yuan and some students after the event.

By Qiao Jianzhen and Luo Yuan