The Confucius Institute Munich, Germany, hosted a reading party of Jia Pingwa

[Source] [Time]    2013-11-25 13:12:08 

In the evening of October 13, Jia Pingwa, a renowned Chinese writer, guested a reading party in Munich upon the invitation of the Confucius Institute Munich, and exchanged ideas face to face with Chinese and German people present.

Jia performed a reading of excerpts from his Stories from Taibai Mountain in Shaanxi dialect and conversed with Dr. Clemens Treter working for the headquarters of German Goethe Institute, exploring cultural and social phenomena of contemporary China. The incumbent chairman of the Shaanxi Writers Association introduced the background, reason and the purpose of writing this novel to help Chinese and foreign readers acquire a better understanding of his works.

Jia said, although reading one's own works aloud to an audience was not a tradition of China, he took delight in doing so in Germany. His humorous lecture and sagacious replies evoked gales of laughter.

It is known that Jia was invited to attend the reading party by the Confucius Institute Munich when he went to Germany to take part in the Frankfurt Book Fair a few days ago.

Jia Pingwa, a writer born in 1952, won the Mao Dun Literary Prize in 2008 with a novel entitled Shaanxi Opera. Born and brought up in the north-west countryside of China, he is good at thoroughly analyzing current social problems of the country from special perspectives including that of the countryside with writings permeated by the local complex.

By Zhu Cheng