Confucius Institute Munich, Germany, Celebrates “2013 Chinese Language Day”

[Source]    Confucius Institute Munich [Time]    2013-10-10 17:27:55 

On 27 and 28 September 2013 local time, Confucius Institute Munich (Konfuzius-Institut München) held a series of activities celebrating “2013 Chinese Language Day”, which was attended and supervised on the first day by a group of three delegates including Mr. Hu Zhiping, the Deputy Director-General of Hanban, accompanied by Mr. Ackermann,the Senior Consultant of Hanban. Other accompanying guests also include Xiu Chunmin from the Educational Office of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Dai Jiqiang from the Chinese Consulate-General in Munich, Germany, etc.

On 27 September, Confucius Institute Munich took part in the international ANDERART Festival organized by the Municipal Government during the Munich Beerfest (Oktoberfest München) and showcased the Chinese language and culture on the spot. On the following day, Confucius Institute Munich invited local people from all circles to visit the Confucius Institute for a further understanding of the Chinese language and culture.

The Activity Site of “2013 Chinese Language Day”

The “2013 Chinese Language Day” showcased a variety of colourful activities in diversed forms, including the traditional Chinese cultural activities such as calligraphy, paper-cut, Chinese painting, tea ceremony, ect., as well as the specially designed activities such as Chinese chess, weiqi (Go chess), playing the Chinese musical instruments, riddle guessing games, etc. These activities won cheers and applauses of the visitors. In addition, language experiencing lessons were provided for visitors with no knowledge of the Chinese language. The second day of the “2013 Chinese Language Day” was concluded by the evening film reception, before which the visitors were invited to taste a variety of Chinese delicacies.

The Activity Site of “2013 Chinese Language Day”

Mr. Belik, Munich City Councilor and Chinese Affairs Commissioner, Dr. Kueppers, Director of the Munich Cultural Affairs Bureau and other officials attended the celebrating activities and extended their congratulations. They also expressed their gratitude to the Confucius Institute Munich for the efforts to introduce to the citizens of Munich the colourful and diversed Chinese culture.