Notice on the Application for 2014 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers

[Source]    Hanban [Time]    2013-09-29 15:33:13 

In order to send abroad more and better volunteer Chinese language teachers to satisfy the current needs, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), in compliance with the Confucius Institute Development Plan (2012-2020), is looking forward to your application for the 2014 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers Program. Related information and requirements are as follows:

Ⅰ Position Information

According to the current needs and the plan of the 2014 Program, 5,000 volunteer Chinese language teachers are needed. Please find the attached document for the position information.

Ⅱ Application

1. Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include university senior students, postgraduates and serving teachers. Priority would be given to Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Language majors, those who have teaching experience or master the language of the destination country, or student leaders good in academic performance and conduct.

2. Requirements

The qualifications listed below are required:

1) You must have good political awareness and professional competence and love our motherland. With the spirit of devotion, discipline and team-work, you must volunteer to be an international Chinese language teacher. Anyone with misconduct or a criminal record would be unqualified.

2) You must be healthy physically and mentally and adapt quickly.

3) You must have a good command of the knowledge of the Chinese language and culture, China’s contemporary national conditions and some basic teaching theories. Good language proficiency, interpersonal and intercultural communication skills, Chinese language teaching skills and some basics of traditional Chinese arts and crafts are required.

4) You must obtain the Putonghua Proficiency Test Certificate (Level-2A or above) and a CET-6 (score≥425) or equivalent English level (or a good command of the language of your destination country).

5) You must be 22 to 50 years old.

6) In addition to the basic requirements above, you must also meet the specific requirements of your destination country (please refer to the position information form for more details). All things being equal, the candidates recommended by the Chinese universities in collaboration with Confucius Institutes enjoy priority in landing positions of the Confucius Institute (Classroom).

3. Application Procedures

1) Before November 20, 2013, all the applicants must login to the online application system ( to create a new account, fill in the application information and then submit. A printed copy of the Application Form for Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers (PDF file, both Chinese and English versions) generated by the application system must be submitted to your home university.

2) Before November 30, 2013, all the universities administrated by the Education Department (Education Commission) of the province, autonomous region and municipality or directly by the Ministry of Education must login to the administration system ( and check the information of recommended candidates to ensure they meet all the requirements of application and position. The list of the applicants (automatically generated by the system) must be sent to Hanban (one in print with stamps and the other in electronic format).

Ⅲ Selection

According to the current needs and the application situation, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) will select by stages and in batches the qualified volunteer Chinese language teachers among all the applicants.

Ⅳ Term

A volunteer Chinese language teacher generally serves a one-year term. Those passing the assessment can apply for a three-year maximum extension of term.

Ⅴ Treatment

In accordance with the relevant state regulations and provisions, volunteer Chinese language teachers can have perks funded by state finance and subsidies if working in areas with difficult conditions.

According to the Notice on the Arrangement Concerning University Graduates Serving as Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers Abroad after They Finish Their Service issued by the office of Ministry of Education (Teaching [2012] No.3), for university graduate students having served as volunteer Chinese language teachers, their fresh graduate treatment in the job hunt, postgraduate admission eligibility and student status, if applicable, will be reserved. Extra awarded marks shall be added if they attend the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination. They will also enjoy priority, if applicable, in the application for study-abroad programs funded by the government, the selection for teachers sent abroad by the state for public duties and the recruitment for full-time teachers of the Confucius Institutes.

Attachment: Position Information Form for 2014 Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers

Confucius Headquarters (Hanban)

September 27, 2013


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