An Article from the Journal Confucius Institute (Chinese-French Version) Chosen as French Ministry of Education Planned Teaching Materials

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Poitiers [Time]    2013-09-23 16:13:38 

Early in 2012, French editorial office of the Chinese-French version of the journal Confucius Institute received a request from both the French National Center for Distance Education and the French Ministry of Education “Online Academy” for embodying the article Chuang Chou Dreamed of Becoming a Butterfly, published in Confucius Institute March 2012 issue, in the Chinese language distance education materials for the second grade senior high school students. The Chinese language teaching materials, planned by the French Ministry of Education for the academic year 2013, are for French students who choose to study Chinese language as their first or second foreign language.

The teaching materials have been recently published and put into use, matching the A2-B2 levels in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The full text of Chuang Chou Dreamed of Becoming a Butterfly is cited. The well-illustrated text tells a story of the ancient Chinese philosopher Chuang-tzu (i.e. Chuang Chou) and a butterfly. Its author, Wu Zuolai, is a culture scholar from the Chinese National Academy of Arts, and the illustrator Wang Zhao is an artist from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to the hard copy, an electronic edition has been chosen for the French Ministry of Education “Online Academy” (, allowing more Chinese language learners to access the teaching materials.

By Chen Mengwen