The Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University Offers Expo Volunteer Training and Services

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University [Time]    2013-07-03 16:57:10 

The 2013 Korea Osong International Cosmetics & Beauty Expo just ended with great success. The Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University also successfully completed offering both the local volunteers as well as their Chinese language training for the Expo.

In early February this year, the Expo’s organisers contacted the Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University, hoping that they could get help in Chinese language training for staff members and volunteers. As time was limited, the Confucius Institute dispatched Chinese teachers with rich experience in teaching business and tourism Chinese to train the volunteers. The teachers spent four days and nights familiarizing themselves with the Expo’s exhibits, ticket service, venues, accommodation, transportation and local weather conditions in May, then prepared intensive courses accordingly before the training finally got started. Through role plays and situational dialogues, the volunteers remarkably improved their Chinese language competence in discerning key words and scenarios, which enabled them to serve the Expo. The volunteers met the training objectives of being able to speak Chinese language fluently in relevant topics within a short period of time, set by the Expo’s organizers.

Right before the Expo’s opening, the organisers suddenly decided that they needed more Chinese speaking volunteers and asked for assistance from the Confucius Institute. To ensure the success of the Expo, the largest of its kind in Chungbuk this year, the Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University sent five students, trained in business Chinese with either exhibition or tourism experiences, to join the Expo’s volunteer team.

During the 24-day-Expo, the Chinese language service volunteers’ performances were highly valued by visitors and organisers of the Expo. By participating in the Expo, the ability of Confucius Institute at Chungbuk National University to serve local communities attracted social attention and was proved again, laying a foundation for its future expansion in the range of services and functions.

The Expo’s Chinese language service volunteers

The teachers for Chinese language volunteer training visiting the Expo

Chinese language service volunteers from the Confucius Institute

By Li Yanjun