New Record of the Number of Examinees in YCT Held by Confucius Institute at the University of Las Palmas in May

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Las Palmas [Time]    2013-06-05 14:34:08 

On May 25, 2013, Confucius Institute at the University of Las Palmas in Spain successfully held YCT Level-1 Test. It set a new record among all previous tests with the total number of examinees reaching up to 200.

Participants in the test are all from the Spanish-English bilingual school (Colegio Hispano Inglés), a teaching point set under Confucius Institute. And they are students of the third to sixth grades in the primary school and first-grade students in junior middle school. From September 2011, the school comprehensively opened Chinese language courses in primary school, two hours per week. With the education spirit of "edutainment", Chinese language teaching is developed in boom. From September 2012, the school classified Chinese course as a compulsory one, equal to Spanish and English and increased study hours from two to three per week. The middle school also offers Chinese courses. With teachers’ hard work in Confucius Institute, after one and a half years, students have become more and more enthusiastic in Chinese learning, and have gained more progress in Chinese language proficiency. Under parents’ strong urge, 200 students of the school attended YCT Level-1 Test this May.

Before the test, Confucius Institute organized a training session for students who would take the test; therefore, during the examination process, the kids were confident and had carefully completed the test on time and left happily.

Since the application of the test site in 2012, Confucius Institute at the University of Las Palmas actively forged ahead and promoted Chinese Tests in multi-channel. Just one and a half years later, nearly 300 people attended New HSK Level 1-4 Tests and YCT Level 1-3 Tests. By the end of 2013, the total number of examinees will have been expected to exceed 500.

Source: Yuan Xiaohong