The Confucius Institute in Madrid Holds the Largest Ever YCT Test in Spain

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Madrid [Time]    2013-06-03 16:33:14 

On May 25, 2013, the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), organized by the Confucius Institute in Madrid, was held at the Autonomous University of Madrid. Since the YCT test was conducted for the first time, the number of participants has been annually increased. This time the number of students who signed up for the test has tripled than that of last year, reaching 1,416, of which 889 students have registered for Level I. The YCT test scale this year was the largest ever in Spain.

To promote Chinese culture, the Confucius Institute has embarked on strengthening cooperation with local schools, and organized a series of cultural events. In this way more people have known the influential role that Chinese language plays, and people have also experienced the charm of Chinese culture. As for this year’s test, the leaders and staff of the Confucius Institute also undertook much work to prepare, from helping examinees with exam registration at the early stage to training teachers for monitoring the examinations before the test. Every element of the process was treated with due care as to make sure the test would go smoothly.

The day before the test, many parents came with their children to the examination center to look around, and on the day of the exam they also arrived very early, which showed the great importance of the test for the parents and children. The test proceeded in an orderly way without any disturbances, and children left the examination center happily afterwards. Many parents expressed willingness for their children to participate in the exams at the successive levels, and hoped that their children could continually improve their Chinese language skills. (Confucius Institute in Madrid)

Parents patiently waiting for their children outside of the examination center

After finding the examination room specified on the notice board, parents start to leisurely chat with their children

Teachers lead groups of students to their designated examination rooms

A teacher leads a group of students to leave the examination center