Confucius Institute of Metropolis Ruhr Successfully Holds Its First HSK Test of 2013

[Source]    Confucius Institute of Metropolis Ruhr [Time]    2013-05-31 16:19:11 

On May 12, Confucius Institute of Metropolis Ruhr at the University of Duisburg-Essen held the first HSK test of 2013. The test covers all the six levels of written exams and two levels of oral ones whose candidates were mostly from Duisburg, Dortmund, Essen, state capital Dusseldorf, and other major cities in Ruhr area, with the number of examinees reached 160. The examinations were held in the cities of Duisburg and Dortmund, with a total of 11 examination rooms. With the collaboration and careful organization of all staff of the Confucius Institute, the entire examination ran orderly and smoothly and ultimately succeeded.

According to the Examination Program of Confucius Institute of Metropolis Ruhr at the University of Duisburg-Essen, there will be totally five examinations in 2013. The first exam has got two highlights: First, the number of examinees has already exceeded last year's total sum of all exams, and hit the record of the number of candidates in one single exam of Confucius Institute in Germany. Second, with the increasing influence of the Confucius Institute in other cities in the Ruhr area, our institute has forwardly gone out and actively worked to expand test services and set up new examination sites.

The examination site in the famous soccer city Dortmund is about 100 km far from Confucius Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen, which takes more than an hour’s train journey, during which one has to transfer trains. For the convenience of more than 80 candidates to take the exam in Dortmund, Prof. Xu Kuanhua, Director of the Institute, paid a special visit to the city and went to the high school to meet and discuss with its principal and teachers about establishing an examination branch in the city. To ensure the quality of the exam, Director Xu paid many trips to the city to train the invigilators and teach and explain to them the examination management information and relevant instructions. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the first examination, on the examination day, Executive Director Dr. Senz stayed in Duisburg commanding the examination process; Prof. Xu Kuanhua, the Director, went to Dortmund and guided the activities throughout the examination. The branch established in Dortmund is fully affirmed by the local people, students and teachers, which will further promote the local Chinese language teaching.

Apart from the candidates from every high school of the Ruhr area, many of the participants in the examination are students from the language classes of Confucius Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen who during learning Chinese have already participated in many HSK exams with higher and higher levels. There are also many students who are from the exam preparation class of the Confucius Institute. In order to attract more candidates, our institute has made careful arrangements, such as the printing of the annual examination programs and exam instructions manuals, active contact with local high schools, providing exam preparation materials, and the exam preparation classes, etc. Thanks to the well prepared work, many candidates became more confident and calm than ever.

In addition, the Confucius Institute conscientiously did the work of exam counseling and registration well, and patiently answered the issues raised by the candidates in great detail. In more than one month from online registration to the successful conclusion of examination, the Chinese Director and Secretary Ms. Urban of Confucius Institute have worked overtime for several weeks to received onsite registration and consulting, monitor the real-time online registration, and timely contact registration candidates. As the number of candidates was doubled this time, the work was also more than ever. To ensure the successful organization of the exam, the Confucius Institute held a special exam invigilation work conference, so that each invigilator would be aware of their responsibilities, and ensure the smooth conduct of the examination.

Since Confucius Institute of Metropolis Ruhr was inaugurated as an HSK test center abroad in 2009, it has successfully held a number of HSK tests, which has provided great convenience for the majority of learners throughout the Ruhr area to participate in relevant proficiency tests, and expanded the influence of Chinese language teaching. This year, our institute has reached an agreement with Duisburg-Essen University to integrate Chinese into the university elective courses curriculum; the institute also reached an agreement with a local international school to offer Chinese language courses. With the expansion of Chinese teaching courses of our institute, we believe that the HSK will have better prospects.