MSUE HSK Center’S17th Test Successfully Held in Mongolia

[Source]    Confucius Classroom at Mongolian State University of Education [Time]    2013-05-30 17:29:44 

On May 12th, 2013,HSK Test Center at Mongolian State University of Education (MSUE) smoothlyorganized her17th HSK test. This test, the yearly spring test, was held in three sites, the major in Ulaanbaatar, Capital of Mongolia and other two in Darkhanand Erdenet, the second and third largest cities of the country. The examination,covering all the six levels of new HSK test, attracted a total of 561 Chinese language learners and enthusiasts from various regions of Mongolia. Among them, 345examinees attended the examin Ulaanbaatar, 134 in Erdenet,and82in Darkhan. Some students even came from other provinces to the CC in Ulaanbaatar to take the exam.A strenuous effort made byall the staff in each place brought the tests to a successful conclusion.

Examination in Ulaanbaatar.

The HSK test center at MSUE, as the firsttest center in Mongolia which has thegreat influence and the largest amount of examinees, has tried the best to carried out the test effectively by expanding the range of publicizingthe exam, improving the conditions of the registration and organization of the exam, and offering materials needed in preparation for thetest. The influence of the HSK exam in Mongolia is growingand the number of examinees is risingbecause of the tireless efforts of CI and CCin Chinese languageteaching and the promotionof Chinese culture, as well as the Confucius Classroom favorable coordination of the organizationof the HSK test, which also made the HSK testa leapfrog development.

Examination in Darkhan.

In addition, the Confucius Classroom at MSUE(MSUECC)insists on the policy of "combining language teachingwith examinations and using the exam to promote the teaching activities"in the ordinary courses of Chinese language teachingto strengthen the students' awareness of the HSK test. It also arranges some targeted guidancefordifferent levels of students which can increase students’confidence and assure a highpassing rate. Since the establishment of MSUECC at the end of 2010,the number of students who got the CI Scholarshipwith HSK certificates has been increasing every year, and the level and score significantly improved.

Examination in Erdenet.

Reporter: Liu Yang


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