The Confucius Institute in Edmonton Successfully Held the 2013 Spring HSK/YCT Tests

[Source]    Confucius Institute in Edmonton [Time]    2013-05-23 17:29:54 

Edmonton, April 29th-May 1st 2013 - The Confucius Institute in Edmonton, Canada successfully hosted the 2013 Spring YCT/HSK tests. More than 1200 primary and secondary school students from Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer took the YCT tests at four levels and the HSK tests at six levels.

Compared to the previous tests, three challenges were overcome in this one. The first was the large number of examinees and the widespread test venues, which were in 14 Confucius Classrooms subordinate to the Confucius Institute in Edmonton as well as in Calgary and Red Deer. Before the test, the Confucius Institute organized the Chinese language teachers of Confucius Classrooms for two preparation meetings. The possible problems were analyzed and discussed, and the solutions and contingency plans were studied and developed. During the test, the Confucius Institute organized teachers sent by Hanban and community volunteer teachers to all test venues for providing on-site instruction and assistance. They worked as the double insurance that allowed the test to proceed smoothly. The second challenge was the large-scale Internet-based test, which was the first time to be held, combined with the paper-and-pencil test. The test this year was the first large-scale Internet-based one organized by the Confucius Institute in Edmonton. Before the test, the Confucius Institute planned the schedule for each Confucius Classroom, and tested the equipment; in particular, experts from the Test Center in Vancouver were invited to provide video training for over 20 Chinese teachers of the Confucius Classroom. The training content included test procedures and emergency measures. The potential problems put forward by teachers were answered in details. The training laid a solid foundation for the Internet-based test to proceed smoothly. The third challenge was the coexistence of simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. In this test, a small part of students took the traditional Chinese test, and were specially classified by the Confucius Institute. Additionally, staff especially assigned by the Confucius Institute coordinated the examination supervision for the examinees taking traditional Chinese test. The HSK and HSKK tests taken by university students and members of the community will take place on May 12th, and a total of 37 Chinese language enthusiasts have registered for the tests.

The success of the HSK/YCT tests can be attributed to the great support of local Bureau of Education, the Confucius Classroom host schools and the community. It has promoted the enthusiasm of students of public primary and secondary schools, university students and members of the community to learn the Chinese language and culture, greatly strengthened the Chinese language enthusiasts’ confidence in learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture, and expanded the influence of Chinese language and culture in the local community. In preparation for the test, Hanban and the North America Internet-based Test Center of Vancouver offered great support. The Confucius Institute in Edmonton will continue to function as a bridge and a comprehensive platform for Chinese culture and language, implement and strengthen Chinese language education as they always do, and further advance the development of Chinese language education and the promotion of Chinese culture.

Students concentrating on the tests