Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University, Russia Successfully Holds Its First HSKK Test

[Source]    Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University [Time]    2013-05-17 11:27:29 

Ekaterinburg, May 12th - When spring came to Russia, the Chinese proficiency test center at the Confucius Institute in the Ural Federal University successfully held the new HSK (a Chinese proficiency test) in May 2013 and its first HSKK (an oral Chinese proficiency test). A total of 45 Chinese learners took the two tests at six levels respectively.

Examinees answering questions

In the examination hall, the examinees were absorbed in writing the test meticulously. Most examinees took HSK Level 2, 3, 4 and 5 tests, and those who took the Level 4 and 5 tests had persisted in learning Chinese for many years. Many of them were Chinese language enthusiasts who had taken the test at this test center last December, and had passed the previous level and achieved outstanding results. Many examinees said they would take the HSK test level by level at the test center. Last December, the Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University held its first HSK test and the pass rate was 100 percent. The examinees whose average individual item result was more than 80 points accounted for sixty percent.

Examination room for Level 4 test

The examinees included students of the Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University, other Chinese learners in Ekaterinburg, where the Confucius Institute is located, and those from surrounding areas, including Chelyabinsk and West Siberian. Some of them drove several hundred kilometers to the test center early in the morning, and some took a train from where they lived to take the examination. There were also examinees who were Chinese learners from other countries who were working in Russia.

Examination room for Level 5 test

Among the tests held on May 12th, the HSKK test was the first of its kind held at the test center. Two examinees took the HSKK (intermediate) test. As the Chinese teacher and friend of the two examinees, a Chinese teacher of the Confucius Institute firmly believed that the two examinees would pass the test with their oral proficiency. The HSKK test launched at the test center of the Confucius Institute at Ural Federal University has not only made it convenient for Chinese learners in this region to test their own oral proficiency, but also filled in the gap in the HSKK test in the central and eastern regions of Russia.

Examinees answering questions

To facilitate the smooth launch of the HSK and HSKK tests, the Confucius Institute actively prepared the test center facility and the test management issues with the support of Hanban and the Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd. Along with the great help of all parties and Chinese overseas students of Ural Federal University, where the Confucius Institute is located. In addition, the Confucius Institute also promoted the Chinese proficiency test of the Confucius Institute through the media and campus website. This extensive promotional campaign ensured the smooth launch of the test. Several weeks prior to the test, the teachers of the Confucius Institute conscientiously provided extra practice and test instructions for the students of the Institute who registered for the HSK test. As a result, many students of the Confucius Institute made great progress in learning Chinese through the HSK test.

Orderly examination room

Institute at Ural Federal University succeeded in holding its first HSK test last year, they have been preparing for holding more than one test at the test center. They will hold the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) in the second half of this year following the launch of HSKK test. Through the tests held in last December and this May, the test center is constantly improving and adjusting their hardware facilities and their examination management procedures. The staff of the test center believes that the test center can absolutely provide thorough test services for the Chinese learners of the Confucius Institute and those from the surrounding areas.

By Li Li


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