The School of Chinese Language, Kolkata, India Successfully Holds Its First HSK

[Source]    School of Chinese Language [Time]    2013-05-15 10:42:18 

Kolkata, May 12th, 2013 - The School of Chinese Language, Kolkata, India successfully held its first HSK (a Chinese proficiency test).

Since the School of Chinese Language, Kolkata succeeded in its application to host the HSK, it has actively engaged in a lot of promotion and preparation work for the HSK. The test center of School of Chinese Language first added a third professional examination site for the test and thus solved the test sites; second, the test center made promotional posters for the HSK, and an introduction to HSK was added on the school website, and interaction through Facebook was provided before the test. In this way, the advertisement and consultation problems were solved; in addition, half a month before the test, the chief supervisor and chief examiner of the school took and passed the HSK test management qualification test online, and thus the professional problem of authority would not be an issue. When everything was ready, the HSK test came at the appointed time.

Guidance on the relevant test instructions

On May 12th, the HSK test attracted examinees from both local and other states came to consult and register though it was the first HSK test held by the School of Chinese Language. A total of 50 Indian examinees registered for and took the Level I to Level VI written tests except Level V. The oldest examinee was 53 years old and the youngest was a 17-year-old examinee.

On that day, about 1 hour before the official start of the test, the volunteer Chinese teachers of the School of Chinese Language answered various questions of examinees in earnest, and gave a systemic description of HSK test so that the examinees had more in-depth understanding of this test. The test started at 9:00 am on time, and the examinees completed the test at different levels in Examination Room A, B and C at the school at the same time.

Examinees concentrating on answering questions

Level I, II, III, IV and VI tests were carried out in an orderly way. The examinees, who seemed to be a little nervous at the corridor, appeared to be not nervous then, and they were absorbed in the test. After the test, many examinees were unwilling to leave. Instead, they talked about their test experience with each other in the corridor of the school, and asked the school teachers various questions about HSK test and Chinese culture. In the comfortable test environment, many examinees were confident that they could achieve excellent results. However, there were some examinees who thought the test questions were very professional and the test time was too short. They said they hoped to take the next test.

Examiners and staff members

At 5:00 pm on that day, with the end of the last HSK Level 2 test, the first HSK test hosted by the School of Chinese Language, Kolkata ended successfully. Nowadays, with the persistent overheating of the “Mandarin Fever” worldwide, Confucius Institutes (Confucius Classrooms) are blooming everywhere in the world. More and more Indian people regard learning Chinese language and culture as a fashion trend. It is believed that with the role played by the local consulate and the school of Chinese language, “Mandarin Fever” will be increasingly welcomed in Kolkata and all over India, and that there will be more and more students registering for HSK, the Chinese proficiency test.


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